Everything Will Be Okay, Tom Hiddleston Fans

Being a Tom Hiddleston fan is an emotional roller coaster. Not only do our feelings evolve every time he debuts yet another hairstyle, but we also watch his dating life from afar. Naturally, there was a lot of freaking out to do when rumors leaked that Hiddleston might be dating Elizabeth Olsen. Don't fret, though: I am here to tell you that we will work through this together.

The news broke after the two were photographed grabbing dinner together. If I'm being honest, the hearsay has been buzzin' for quite some time now, though: After all, back in May they were rumored to be hooking up. In any case, these photos bring us one step closer to official confirmation. Let's the acceptance process begin!

It's hard for any fan to accept that her celeb crush is off the market, even if the woman in question who might be dating said crush is as undeniably cool as Olsen. (And, seriously, how cute are they together?) That's why I've broken down the emotional steps ever Hiddleston fan felt when they heard the news.

Treat yourself to a pint of Ben & Jerry's, grab a box of tissues and check out the steps below. The healing process has officially begun.

Wait, WHAT?

How did this happen? When did this happen? I NEED ANSWERS.

Okay, I'm Going To Need Proof


Oh, This Seems Pretty Legit

Yeah, they definitely look "together" in those pics.

I'm Really Sad Now

To paraphrase Taylor Swift: "Why can't he see? He belongs with me."

But They're Actually Perfect Together

Ahhh, they're too cute to hate.

And Elizabeth Olsen Is Super Cool, So There's That

Like, I kind of want to be her BFF.

He Looks Really Happy Now

And who am I to stand in the way of happiness?

Alright, They're Officially #Goals Now


Do They Have A Ship Name Yet?

Because I definitely ship them now.

Now... all we need is official confirmation. Hiddles, Olsen — 'fess up!

Images: Giphy (9)