10 Best Date Ideas For Geeks

As the semi-popular saying goes, nerds need love too. But what are the best date ideas for geeks? In my definition, geeks comprise quite a considerable cross-section of the population, including but not limited to mathematicians, bookworms, geography bee winners, fans of Middle English works of literature, philosophers and, of course, Dungeons and Dragons aficionados. Since I include myself in that wide swath (I was a big fan of the Canterbury Tales, and I’ve read a book or two), I consider myself a modest expert in the subject of best dates for the dorkiest of us all.

First off, just because you err on the side of nerdy doesn’t mean much of anything, and obviously most super geeks love the age-old dinner and a movie like anyone else. But there are a few ideas that seem particularly well suited for a couple of dorks on a date. Whether it’s a chance to show off your smarts, display your knowledge of obscure facts, crush someone in a killer game of Tekken or just strut your prowess in the arena of arts and sciences, here are 10 ideas to woo the geekiest lovers in a snap — glasses optional (but encouraged).

1. Trivia Night

Many bars host nights dedicated to allowing those in the know to flex their skills, usually in pairs or a group. Repair with your sweetie to the nearest trivia night to bond over your mutual love of factoids — and maybe win a prize too.

2. Chess In The Park

There are few things I can think of that sound more romantic than taking a chess set to the park, putting down a picnic blanket or playing on the chess tables that are available in many parks, and setting to work to defeat your love. As they say, all’s fair in love and war — and chess.

3. Magic Cards Picnic

Continuing the theme of games in the out-of-doors, try stuffing a picnic basket with a baguette, brie, olives, grapes — and a deck of Magic cards. I could never figure out how to play — my friends and I tried to learn when we were in sixth grade, to attract the attention of the boys who played every day at recess, but when we found that we couldn’t figure it out, we resorted to other measures — but if you know how and are lucky enough to have found someone of your ilk, hold on with one hand and deal up some cards with the other.

4. Bowling

I’m not sure how this sport got such a dorky reputation, though I can wager some guesses. The attire? The leagues? In any event, this is a super fun way to while away the time. Bonus points for BYO bowling shoes and donning a vintage bowling tee.

5. Arcade Games

In some cities, there are boutique-y spots that offer video games in a kitschy setting which could make for a fun ’n geeky good time. For example, in my city (New York), there’s a spot called Action Burger that offers exactly what it sounds like: action in the form of video games, and burgers in the form of, well, burgers. I’ve never been, so I can’t personally vouch for their awesomeness, but it sounds like a good place to shovel quarters into slots and kick your partner's ass.

6. Rollerblading

Much like bowling, I’m not sure how rollerblading got its rep for being a sport for geeks. In Central Park (especially back in the day, but this is still true to an extent), the guys and gals getting down on four wheels are anything but dorky. That said, grab your dearest geek and rent a couple of pairs of skates for a ready-made date. Immediate plus-ten for anyone who already owns a pair of blades.

7. Board Games

I would be remiss to make a list of geeky date ideas without including board games. Whether it’s Scrabble, checkers or Mancala, or Parcheesi or Pictionary if you want to make it a double date, board game options abound. This is also a good way to make friends with other couples, by hosting a game night and inviting a gang over for snacks and recreation.

8. Guess The Latin Name Of Plants

When I was discussing this piece with someone, we started freestyling and he came up with this one. This sounds amazing — if you and your partner actually have any firsthand knowledge of the Latin name for a bunch of foliage. Thing is, even if you don’t, it could still be really fun to take a walk with your love and make up Latin names for all of the plants you see. Creativity counts, especially with a coupla geeks.

9. Reading Aloud To Each Other

Pick a book, any book — and take turns reading it aloud. This can be done anywhere, from the front porch to the bedroom, but to make a date out of it, try renting a boat at the nearest lake and paddling around all afternoon. Whomever is reading hands the paddles over; go back and forth like that until you tire yourselves out from all the arm (and voice) strain.

10. Staring Into Each Other’s Eyes And Doing Math Equations

Eye contact and the order of operations — what could be sexier than that? Try this fun game with your little nerd. First challenge one another to solve simple equations while staring into each other’s eyes. Then slowly increase the level of difficulty until you stump each other. At that point, the next steps are up to you — but perhaps you could put a bit of a wager on the game, if you know what I mean. You’ll already be staring into each other’s eyes anyway.

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