Stop Asking If 'RHOC'S Brooks Has Cancer, Please

We need to talk about Brooks Ayers. Specifically, about the fact that no one on the Real Housewives of Orange County can stop talking about whether or not Brook has cancer — and about the fact that we actually need to stop talking about it. Considering the fact that the question involves personal things like medical records, his medical treatment, and his overall health, it's not at all a respectful or appropriate conversation to have — so, once and for all, we really need to stop asking if Brooks Ayers actually has cancer.

The reason for this really is simple: This is a man’s health we are talking about here. There is a reason why medical records are kept private, and there’s a reason why, legally, no one can access your medical information unless you give them explicit permission to do so — it's respect for every individual's right to disclose their medical information to others as they see fit.

This is a deeply personal matter, and by questioning whether or not Brooks has cancer, people are essentially insinuating that those rules and that level of respect that we each are owed should be put on hold. Preventing others from outing anyone's medical history is something that many people fought hard for over the years to prevent (ever heard of HIPAA?). Having a right to private medical care and medical records is a right that we all deserve, whether you're the star of a reality television show or not.

Jeff Gentner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And then there is also the fact that people deal with disease and diagnoses very differently — and they are entitled to this. Although it might not make sense to others why Brooks is choosing to pursue certain medical treatment or why he won’t show paperwork that proves he has cancer, it clearly makes complete sense to Brooks. He has a right to seek out the path that is right for him, and he doesn't need anyone to validate him for the choices he makes.

So, seriously, everyone really needs to stop asking if Brooks really has cancer: Both for the sake of Brooks’ right to privacy, and because it’s making an issue of something that otherwise may have been a blip in the very bumpy road that is every season of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Image: Bravo