8 Things Only True 'Pitch Perfect' Fans Understand

Calling all Aca-fans, Aca-people and even Aca-haterz, if y'all even exist! After a summer of dominating the box office, Pitch Perfect 2 is officially out on DVD, which means that all of you who haven't yet jumped on the Pitch Perfect bandwagon, you officially have no excuse. (Ok, you might have one, and that's the heartbreaking truth that Pitch Perfect 2 has yet to come to Netflix streaming.) But, for the rest of you — who cannot wait to get your girlfriends together for an epic movie marathon slumber party — you know that there's no better time to be a Pitch Perfect fan then right now. All Pitch Perfect fans understand that with Pitch Perfect 3 in the works, and Rebel Wilson, Anna Kendrick and Hailee Steinfeld signed on to return, things are only getting bigger and better.

Unfortunately, haters gonna hate. "Aren't you sick of mash-ups?" they ask. " Rebel Wilson isn't that funny," they say. "I don't like musicals" — or, worst of all — "I just don't get acapella." It's not that they're bad people — it's just that they have bad taste, poor judgment, and, apparently, don't like unicorns, butterflies and rainbows. True aca-fans know better. Here's the top eight things only true Pitch Perfect fans understand.

1. The Power Of A Good Mashup

Mashups, when well-arranged and well-executed, can be killer. They can lift you up when you're down and make you dance in your seat. In short: mashups are aca-magic and should be a staple in your life.

2. The Beauty Of Awesome Nerds

Take the singing out of Pitch Perfect and you've got a movie about how nerdy girls will inherit the Earth. Every character in Pitch Perfect is a nerd in her own way, especially when it comes to the Barden Bellas.

3. Burritos Are Weapons In Disguise

Burritos may be delicious, but that deliciousness can quickly turn on you.

4. #BecaEffinMitchell

Anna Kendrick as Beca Mitchell is badass perfection. That is all.

5. Horizontal Running, AKA Cardio

Fat Amy (played by the amazing Rebel Wilson is not shy when it comes to expressing her distaste for exercise. And, hey, neither are we! Horizontal running is totally real cardio... at the very least, it's a leg workout.

6. The Aca-Love Story

Pitch Perfect is full of timeless romances: Beca and Jesse, Fat Amy and Bumper, Benji and Emily, Beca and Chloe, Stacie and everyone...the list goes on. And, as we all know, a love story isn't a love story without song.

7. Mermaid Dancing

When Pitch Perfect 's Fat Amy birthed this dance move, it became an instant classic. Break this out at a party if you really wanna start something.

8. There's No Better Bonding Than Girl Bonding

Real Pitch Perfect fans know that there's nothing better than goofing off with your friends. It doesn't matter if you're a Barden Bella, or just a tone-deaf weirdo with a love of musicals — no one can stop you from having fun with your friends.

Pitch Perfect fans, unite; there's just so much to love about these movies.

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