John & Steve Have A Real 'Big Brother' Friendship

Big Brother friendships are a lot like college friendships. Sometimes, after it's all over, your friends grow apart and you don't talk to each other as much. Other times, you meet your best friend and start figuring out how often you can spend time together. Big Brother has been a breeding ground for life-long relationships of all kinds. Friends, enemies, and lovers have all had their origin stories begin in the Big Brother house, and this season has introduced one of the most adorable pairings in Big Brother history: John and Steve. But now that John is gone for good from the house and the season is ending soon, will Johnny Mac and Steve stay friends after Big Brother 17?

Steve and John's friendship was founded on their shared identities as outcasts in the house. Steve's awkward, nerdy demeanor made him a an outsider in the world of macho men like Austin and Clay, while John's odd speaking pattern and upfront honesty kept him pretty isolated. These two dorky gentlemen found an affinity for each other and formed a strategic partnership as well as a strong friendship. Although they were close pals, they were more than willing to drop each other if that's what it took to win half a million dollars. Was their friendship real, or was it just convinient to their gameplay?

Steve and John seem to have formed a real bond in the Big Brother house. Steve was clearly more comfortable with John than he was with anyone else in the Big Brother house. Steve had been really starting to come out of his shell by the end of their time together, as he felt more comfortable making odd comments/remarks around John. Steve is a very emotional player, so his initial trust of John grew and blossomed into a full-fledged friendship fairly quickly. Steve would go on to refer to John as one of his best friends, so his side of the friendship will likely stay active.

John's side of the friendship isn't as clear. He is a secret superfan, so he knows that manufacturing a friendship with a fellow houseguest is a smart and legitimate strategy. is He said that he was "flirting" with Steve for strategic purposes, but there were a lot of time that John seemed to let his guard down around his fellow houseguest. From talking about Steve and him having crushes on Julia and Becky, respectively, to having a quick cuddle sesh here and there. While John may be a bit more reserved in how strong their connection is, he's clearly got a soft spot for Steve.

What does this mean for their friendship outside of the house? Well, luckily for them it's easier than ever for people to keep in touch over long distances. Steve and John will be able to contact each other through social media like Twitter, and maybe ever have a Skype session here or there. If fans are lucky, they may even do what BB15's McCrae and Spencer did and start their own Big Brother interview/talk show online. No matter what they decide to do, the fact that John is possibly one of the first really close connections that Steve has made in his adult life indicates that it's very likely that these two will continue to be great friends. Hopefully they talk to each other on Twitter so that the fans can see them interact and relive the glorious days when they were both in the Big Brother house together.

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Image: Monty Brinton/CBS