Let's Hope Meg & James Stay Friends After 'BB17'

With the Big Brother 17 finale Wednesday, not only will diehard viewers who've watched the entire season see either Vanessa, Liz, or Steve win the $500,000, but they will once again get to see the beautiful friendship between Meg and James. It was definitely one of the many highlights of Season 17. As badly as James wanted Meg to be his girlfriend, he eventually came to realize they would just be good friends inside the house. What about outside the house? Will Meg and James stay friends after BB17 ?

Even though James lives in Texas and Meg lives in New York City, that doesn't mean they won't or can't keep in touch. Plus, I'm sure James would love to visit Meg in the Big Apple. Playing the game of Big Brother and living in a house isolated from the outside world for an entire summer is definitely a bonding experience, so I can only imagine James and Meg's friendship will be everlasting — or at least I hope so.

They shared so many cute and memorable moments that it'd be sad to learn later on that their BB17 ties ended as soon as the game officially did. I'm not the only who thinks so either, so do their biggest fans. Check it out.

I mean, who wouldn't want these two to be best friends forever, especially with moments like these?

They really are #FriendshipGoals. Here's hoping they remain the besties BB17 fans will forever love.

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Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS