How Many Of These 12 Beauty Trends Would You Try?

It can be pretty easy to get into a makeup rut. We develop a routine we like, and we stick to it. But with so many beauty trends worth trying, we should at least consider attempting some. Because even though techniques like clown contouring can sound pretty daunting, they can also be fun to try. And who knows, maybe it's the trend you've been secretly waiting for to take your beauty routine to the next level.

Even if it's not your thing after all, that's the beauty of makeup trends. If you don't like how a look turns out, it's easy to wash off and try something else. And you won't be out of as much money as say, with fashion trends, if you decide something isn't for you. Because most beauty trends can be accomplished by just using products you already own (or can DIY!) in different ways.

I'm challenging you. Consider trying these beauty trends, and then actually try at least one. Being open to trying new trends can help us better embrace our features and "flaws." So I promise to try strobing if you promise to try one of these 12 beauty trends. Trust me: It'll be fun.

1. '90s Lips

Everybody looks good in a nude lip. But the brown tones that the 1990s made classic give that perfect amount of edge. And if you want something a little darker, brown-toned reds are flattering on every skin tone.

2. Clown Contouring

Yes, clown contouring definitely looks intimidating before it's blended out. But it can actually give a beautiful effect when done with the right touch. Plus, it can really help you learn more about your face and embrace your features.

3. Multimasking

Multimasking is a trend that is not only fun, but also makes sense. The skin on our faces is not usually the same on our noses as it is on our cheeks. So we shouldn't use the same mask to target these different areas. Up your skincare game by adding another mask (or two) to the mix the next time you treat your skin.

4. Bangs

Handout/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Bangs can be scary if you've never had them before. But they can totally frame the face (like a good set of brows!), and allow you to see yourself in a new way. And yes, there are styles of bangs to flatter every face shape and hair type, so you can find your ideal, bangin' look.

5. Blue/Colorful Eyeshadow

Blue eyeshadow does not have to make you look like Mimi from The Drew Carey Show. And actually I'm just over it being a "dated" or "scary" look. There are so many beautiful and flattering ways to rock blue (and other colorful) eyeshadow, regardless of your eye color.

6. Coffin Nails

Maybe you switch up your nail color pretty often. But what about the shape? Experimenting with different shapes, whether it's coffin, bubble, or even duck feet nails; could be a small but welcome change. Plus, just think of all that extra space for nail art.

7. Strobing

Strobing, aka super-duper-intense highlighting, is all about showing off facial features. Whereas contouring is more about changing the way certain features appear, strobing is more about showing off what you have. And even though it's not usually recommended for those of us with oily skin, we can still try it too, because why the hell not?

8. Ombré Lips

If you want your lips to look fuller without having to get fillers, an ombré look can help by adding dimension. Plus, it can be quite fun to mix and match various lip colors to achieve a totally new look.

9. Fluffy Brows

A feathery or fluffy eyebrow game is a strong one. And it's also one that allows you to embrace your natural brows a little bit more. Instead of gelling them into place so they won't move, leave them free to wander in different directions. Or if you still like some hold, sweep gel up and over through brows to give hairs a little more room to play. And on another note, see what I mean about the blue eyeshadow?

10. Lob

Sarah Hummert/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Thinking about going for the chop? Lobs, or long-bobs, are super flattering for any face shape (as a plethora of celebs have demonstrated), and not as drastic of a change as say, a bob or a pixie, if you just want to try something new.

11. Metallic Makeup

Whether it's on your eyes or lips, metallic makeup is a fun and bright trend. Just be prepared to draw eyes, because foiled looks always demand attention.

12. Graphic Liner

Whether worn alone or over shadow, graphic liner can really amp up a makeup look. And you don't even have to go all out. A dot here or an extra flick there will give a totally unique look.

The only question to consider now: Which one will you try first?

Images: Miki Hayes