How To Be Olivia Pope For Halloween

Television has its fair share of super stylish ladies, but chief among them is Olivia Pope. Ever since Scandal became a runaway hit for the ABC network, ladies have been clamoring to copy the crisis management goddess's style. So an Olivia Pope halloween costume is the perfect way to embrace killer style and still rock a banging and recognizable costume.

One of the best aspects of deciding to be Olivia Pope for Halloween is that not only will you look super chic, but you'll also stay warm on that chilly, spooky night because guess what? Olivia Pope has the best coats in the style game. Whether she's rocking an all white knee-length coat, a high neck cropped jacket, or shutting it down with a killer cape, Olivia's outerwear is the solution to your concern with staying warm and still having the best costume of the night.

While those who have watched Scandal aren't likely to doubt Olivia's chic, classic fashion game, if you haven't there is further proof that Kerry Washington's Emmy winning character has style that is totally real-life appropriate. Back in September of last year, The Limited launched their Scandal collection based on Pope's signature looks, and to put it lightly, it was a smash hit. In fact, The Limited has created a fall collection for this year.

So, what does it take to rock an Olivia Pope costume? Here are some ideas for the perfect look.

Wide Leg Trouser

LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection High Waist Wide Leg Pant , $51,

Olivia is usually rocking a gorgeous pair of trousers, and these white ones are the perfect compliment to any coat.

Gorgeous Coat

Luxe Cocoon Coat The Limited, $160.96,

Coats are kind of Olivia's staple. The key element to keep in mind is unique yet chic. Olivia's style is definitely classic, but she makes sure to include cool draped lapels or half cape tops.

Chic Business Bag

Fossil Sydney Shopper, $168,

This Fossil bag is only a fraction of the cost of Olivia's Prada and Louis bags. Just think of this piece as an investment that goes far beyond your halloween costume.

Wine Glass

Camille Crate and Barrel, $12.95,

Olivia Pope wouldn't be complete without her signature glass of wine, and the Camille from Crate and Barrel is her glass of choice.



Want to be like Olivia? Then you've got to understand that a good night in with popcorn and wine is perfection. Be sure to carry your bag of microwave popcorn with you for a little snack during your night out.

So maybe being Olivia for Halloween is a bit more expensive than other costumes. The thing to remember though is that the key to Olivia's look is classic, chic style meaning that if you're a young professional, you've probably got half of similar already at your disposal. If not, think of these pieces as an investment that will be with you long past Halloween night.

Images: ABC/Nicole Wilder (2); Courtesy of brands