"Aaron's Party" Party Planning Guide In 19 Steps

Is it 2015 already? Wow. Where do the years go, am I right? You know what this means, don't you? Of course you do! You're no dolt. Of course you know Aaron’s Party (Come Get It), pop star Aaron Carter's sophomore album, celebrated its fifteenth birthday on Sept. 26. Of course you know that this is a major milestone. A milestone worth celebrating. A milestone that deserves not just any party, but an Aaron’s party. And not just any Aaron’s party, but a party inspired by the titular track. One "Aaron's Party (Come Get It)" party, coming right up!

If you were looking for an "Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)" party/LARPing adventure how-to guide, you came to the right place. Get your pens, your papers, and your white Nike tennis shoes ready, because I'm about to tell you how to throw the party of the month. Nay, the party of the year.

What You Will Need

  • 1 “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” Aaron Carter costume: a black t-shirt with yellow striped sleeves, a silver chain necklace, a pair of khaki pants, and a hairdo that's holding its shape thanks to L.A. Looks gel
  • 1 house where you can host the party
  • 1 person to play the role of “Mom”
  • 1 person to play the role of “Dad”
  • 100 people to play the roles of “Invited Party Guests”
  • 2 people to play the roles of “Uninvited Party Crashers”
  • 1 “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” single
  • 2 - 5 Lime green 2000 Volkswagen Beetles
  • Plenty of juice, no booze (authenticity is key)
  • 1 disco ball
  • 1 “Aaron’s Party” flyer
  • 1 lamp that can be broken
  • 1 couch that can be spilled on
  • 1 table that can be jumped on
  • 1 pair of white Nike tennis shoes
  • 1 stage that floats on top of a swimming pool
  • ∞ MTV dance moves

All set? Great! Here's the step-by-step guide:

Step 1

Start the night off with shooing the “Mom” and “Dad” characters out of the house.

Step 2

As soon as "Mom" and "Dad" are outta there, hang a disco ball from the ceiling of the living room and set up a stage on top of the pool.

Step 3

Crank up the stereo like it’s New Years (play “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” on repeat, obviously).

Step 4

Walk around the house like “Who’s the man?”

Step 5

Open the front door and welcome all of the VW Beetle-driving “Invited Party Guests” into the house.

Step 7

Jump on the table.

Step 8

Lead the following call and response while still perched atop the table:

People all around you gotta/(Come get it) Everyone together sing it loud/(Come get it) Jump all around come on/(Come get it) What?/(Come get it) Say it again/(Come get it)

Step 9

Interact with the flyer-toting “Uninvited Party Crashers.”

Step 10

React to the “Invited Party Guest” who spills juice on a couch cushion.

Step 11

React to the “Invited Party Guest” who breaks a lamp.

Step 12

Head out to the pool stage.

Step 13

Do the “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” choreography on the pool stage

Step 14

Keep on dancing, my friend.

Step 15

Put your white Nikes to the test as you scramble to clean the house and get all of the party guests to leave.

Step 16

Cue the sound of a car door slam.

Step 17

Cue “Mom” and “Dad” walking through the front door.

Step 18

Get grounded by “Mom” and “Dad” (but don’t worry, the party isn’t actually over).

Step 19

Everyone dances until the sun comes up.

Na na na na na, na na na na na, na na na na na, happy birthday-ay!

Images: AaronCarterVEVO/YouTube (19); Kristie Rohwedder (19)