Seth & Ryan Are Going To Be Dads AT THE SAME TIME

Attention all O.C. fans: If you thought the most exciting news this side of Marissa Cooper's untimely death was the fact that the Cohen family house was up for sale, guess again. Because on Thursday, Sept. 23, the holiest of all days, the world was gifted with the news that Adam Brody reportedly became a dad for the first time AND Ben McKenzie is expecting his first child. It's almost like the Cohen family planned it this way, because all the Chrismukkah celebrations in the world wouldn't compare to Seth Cohen and Ryan Atwood becoming dads together. It's a Chrismukkah miracle! Or just super freaky coincidental timing. I mean, whatever, man. I'll take it.

Brody and Meester welcomed their first child, a daughter, in August according to TMZ on Thursday — the same day that news broke that McKenzie is expecting his first-born with his Gotham co-star Morena Baccarin. YOU GUYS, Seth and Ryan are going to be first-time dads together and then their babies are going to grow up to be best friends and have the same exact friendship as their fathers' fictional characters on TV. This is going to happen. I am willing this to happen. It is happening.

Obviously, the Seth Cohen/Ryan Atwood bromance was the best friendship to ever occur on television, and this was way back in the ye olde days of 2004 before there were ship names for every pairing. But you know what? The magic of Ryan and Seth was such that they didn't even need a ship name to have people obsess over their frinedship. It was a friendship that transcended ship names, that's how quality it was. Obviously, this is why the guys have pretty much a civic duty (or at least a responsibility to all O.C. stans) that their children grow up with that same kind of friendship. SANDY COHEN WOULD BE SO PROUD.

That being said, it's not as if Brody and McKenzie have extended their on-screen bromance to IRL. The guys are totally still friends (McKenzie revealed to Huffington Post Live that he and Brody "stay in touch," called him a "great guy" and hopes for an O.C. reunion soon), but McKenzie admits he wasn't invited to his pseudo-bro's wedding to Leighton Meester.

"I did not go to the wedding. I think they wanted to kind of keep it super low-profile, so I did not take umbrage," he said about the hush-hush nuptials. Still, what better time to reconnect than over your children?! Just look at Zach Braff and Donald Faison. Granted, the guys are equally as #besties off-screen as they were on-screen, but the birth of Faison's kids have brought them even closer. Like, can we please have Ben McKenzie re-create this picture and caption with Adam Brody's kid?

And last but not least, let's discuss how THE COHEN HOUSE IS LITERALLY ON THE MARKET. It's like O.C. fan fiction come to life: Ryan and Seth go their separate ways, only to be brought back together by the birth of their kids. And, as fate would have it, the home where they grew up together is now available for them to move back AND RAISE THEIR CHILDREN. It's the perfect set up for The O.C., Season 5. *makes frantic phone call to Josh Schwartz*

Let's do it, boys.

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