29 'All That' Sketches Definitively Ranked

Oh, how I'm reflecting on glorious, slime-covered memories. After watching Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell reunite on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night, '90s kids have been hit with a major nostalgia bomb. Of course "Good Burger" was a perennial favorite when it came to All That sketches — and hell, I still have the movie on an orange VHS at my parents house — but was it really the best of the shows' skits? I think we need a moment to mull this one over.

Now, don't get all huffy — I'll gladly cop to the fact that "Good Burger" was the most popular of All That's sketches. But, it was only one in a sea of dozens. In fact, to figure out whether or not it was truly the best, I combed through every recurring All That sketch from our childhood. Though I couldn't seek out all of them (sadly, you can't find everything on the Internet), I spent a good chunk of my day rewatching some of the classics. Because I am... such a dedicated journalist.

And throughout these re-watches, I'm now able to definitively (read: mostly subjectively and hinged on my own personal fond memories) rank several of everyone's old-time favorite skits. So for your consideration, enjoy this extensive ranking of 29 memorable All That sketches

29. Trashin' Fashion

The Joan Rivers in me that tears apart Halloween costumes with my friends every year wants to like this. But, a late-season sketch co-starring Jamie Lynn Spears? Gonna go with a hard pass on that one.

28. Harry Bladder

I don't know if I'm just protective of the source material, but half-hearted Harry Potter parodies never go over well with me. You really have to go full on to get the LOLz.

27. Lemonade Scammer

I'm finding this kid ridiculously annoying, so it's really infringing on my ability to enjoy the "humor."

26. What Do You Do?

Props to All That for setting up a classic game show like Figure It Out, and further props for utilizing their classic characters. The execution is all wrong, though.

25. Baggin' Saggin Barry

This one I don't even remember since it's clearly from the earliest aughts of All That. But it seems like the joke is... he has a lot of things in his pants? Not that All That sketches are always culturally rich pieces of biting satire, but that's a pretty weak premise.

24. The Wizard Of Coz

This may have been a one-shot, yet it's a memorable one-shot nonetheless. Like, how frightening is that toad face? God. Still, did the world need another Wizard of Oz parody?

23. Dudco Enterprises

This one features Latanya, and it makes me feel uncomfortable to laugh at her.

22. The Inconvenience Store

This one features Latanya AND Laneesha, and again, I find it deeply uncomfortable to laugh at them.

21. Ishboo

This one I feel slightly less uncomfortable about, because that hair.

20. Walter The Ear Boy

Like Baggin' Saggin' Barry, the jokes rely on him having something exceptionally large. Pizza Face moves this ranking waaaaay up the list (or down the list?) though.

19. The Island Girls

Funny, but not iconically funny.

18. Loud Librarian

That's it. That's the joke.

17. I Luv Lucy

Amanda Bynes does a spot-on Lucille Ball, and no one can take that away from her — and I also like how the main couple are literal children. Otherwise, much like a lot of the parodies, it's kind of been-there, done-that.

16. Bridget's Slumber Party

Of the "newer" sketches, I had a soft spot for this one, mainly because Claudia was me. Claudia was... everything.

15. Know Your Stars

Never hysterical, but always pretty enjoyable. The one on Britney Spears is still fantastic ("she's half girl, half robot, half ravioli").

14. Randy Quench: Volunteer Fireman

A worthy successor to Repairman.

13. Repairman

Still better than Randy Quench. His name still echoes on the wind.

12. Mavis and Clavis

Kenan and Kel really nailed these two charming old folks, and their rendition of "Shout" has never left my brain for a second.

11. The Adventures of Superdude

Aggressively fine. Would otherwise be unremarkable if it weren't for those soliloquies that showed his sensitive side.

10. Whateverr

Honestly? I still love these insane valley girls, and their dead-on ball-accurate depictions of pre-teen obsessions with '90s celebrities. I felt similarly about Hanson, is all I'm saying.

9. Okrah

The sketch itself is irrelevant, just know that I actually laughed out loud watching the intro.

8. The Spice Boys

Dead Spice is really what made this one worth watching, and much more than a flimsy take on the pop sensations.

7. Cooking With Randy

Again, it's a simple premise (he loves chocolate) that would otherwise be sort of dull, but Kenan put some real manic energy behind this. Also, as a bonus treat this particular clip has Chris Farley, so please don't deprive yourself this re-watch.

6. Dullmont Jr. High

Dullmont Jr. High had a wild cast of characters including Miss Piddlin and her peas, Coach Kreeton and Miss Fingerly, to name a few. It would rank higher, but since the sketches are all over the place in terms of focus, I'll have to stick it here.

5. Life With Peter And Flem

The awkward moment when apartment life in New York has turned you into Flem.

4. Everyday French With Pierre Escargot

I don't know if it's the raincoat in a bathtub or what, but I really, really loved this skit. Every time Kenan delivers that haughty faux-French laugh you can really see his star power.

3. Vital Information

Lori Beth Denberg made this an institution, Danny Tamborelli provided a solid follow-up, and then...some other third guy did it. It's unimportant. What matters is that even though the jokes are kind of hit or miss, this was a warm blanket in comedy form. That is, you're just glad it was there.

2. Good Burger

Of course this ranks high, but the reason it takes the silver medal? Don't hate me, but sometimes Ed's clueless schtick got tired. I think they really brought it up a notch in the movie, and I will forever have "I'm A Dude" stuck in my head, but there's one sketch that will forever be king to me. Or rather, queen.

1. Ask Ashley

Amanda Bynes' rage her never failed to send me into hysterics, and as someone who constantly felt surrounded by idiots this was NEVER a bad time. In retrospect, it's kind of dark watching a younger Bynes get so unhinged... maybe that joke isn't funny anymore. But back then, Ask Ashley was really the peak of All That.

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