Colin & Oliver Are Stronger Than Ever On 'HTGAWM'

The second season of How to Get Away with Murder might be filled with death and shady characters, but it's also about ~love~. The couple to ship on this show is Coliver — Connor and Oliver, of course. On HTGAWM Season 1, Connor and Oliver were two ships passing in the night, until they both got it together and made it known that they truly cared about each other. After getting back together, Oliver and Connor learned that Oliver was HIV-positive, which created a bit of a speed bump in the Coliver relationship. But, don't worry, these two are stronger than ever at the end of the Season 2 premiere, proving they're probably the only good thing to come out of HTGAWM.

The couple picked up where they left off in the Season 1 finale. After just learning that Oliver tested positive and Connor tested negative for HIV, the two took a break from sexual activity to protect Connor while he took medicine that would further protect him. That didn't stop the two characters from having crazy sexual tension and eventually deciding to move forward in their relationship.

After a conversation about the importance of protecting themselves — Connor doesn't seem to worried about his partner being HIV-positive — Connor decided he wanted to move in with Oliver. And, the hearts of all watching exploded from overwhelming feelings of love. This move by Connor proves two things. 1. Connor will do what he wants, when he wants, and won't wait around for permission. And 2. Connor and Oliver are probably the only ray of sunshine on this extremely dark and twisted show.

Just like in Season 1, I'm totally rooting for Coliver to make it. Something tells me that there are going to be rough patches — this wouldn't be an ABC drama if there weren't — but at the end of the day, Coliver is a couple that the fans love and want to see together. They represent passion and strength, overcoming obstacles, and communication. That's a couple we should be rooting for on television. They may be an anomaly on a show like How to Get Away with Murder, but that's OK. Stand out from the norm as much as you want, Connor and Oliver — just don't break up.

Images: Mitchell Haaseth/ABC