The 7 Bra Hacks Every Woman Should Know

by Jessica Thomas

I have a love/hate relationship with basically all of my bras. They do their job, but at the expense of being kind of a nuisance. Luckily, the Internet is full of bra hacks which every woman should know, because they will make your life easier. I've rounded up the best tips you should learn. You and your girls deserve to be comfortable.

Depending on your boob size, your relationship with bras can vary from "can't live without them" to "only wear one on special occasions." One of the best things about having small boobs is that you can go braless, but of course, that's not appropriate for every situation. If you're a larger-chested lady, it's an entirely different story (unless you're all for going braless, in which case I applaud you!). Bras for big boobs are an entire segment of the market, and I still haven't found the perfect one. At this point, they've even got bras made using the same technology they as bridges, which sounds kind of awesome, to be honest.

At some point, every woman finds herself in a situation in which she's dealing with an uncooperative bra. Whether the band is too tight, the straps won't stay put, or you can't figure out what to wear with your new backless dress, these tips will help you hack your bra and live in comfort.

1. Fix An Underwire That's Poking You

Nothing — I repeat, nothing — is more annoying than having an underwire poking your side when you're wearing (what used to be) your favorite bra. Luckily, there's a fix for that. Use this quick tutorial and save your most loved bra from being thrown away.

2. Buy A Bra Extender If Your Band Is Too Tight

Maidenform Bra Extender , $7.50, Amazon

A bra that's squeezing your rib cage is going to drive you insane as soon as you put it on. With these simple extenders, you can avoid buying a new bra when yours starts feeling too tight. Simply attach them to your normal bra, and breathe comfortably again.

3. Learn How To Properly Wear A Sticky Bra

"Sticky boobs," as my friends and I so lovingly refer to our backless bras, can be a lifesaver. If you can go a night without major support, then they're a go-to fix when you're wearing a backless or low-backed dress. Learn how to properly wear one in this video.

4. Adjust Your Straps If You're Wearing A Tank

Nordstrom Intimates Bra Clips , $8, Nordstrom

Tank top season is unfortunately coming to an end, but there are still a few nice days left this year. When you're wearing a racerback tank top, avoid visible bra straps (or wearing a sports bra) by buying clips that can pull your straps together. As a bonus, the clips provide a little extra perk.

5. Wash Your Bras Properly

Woolite Bra Wash Bag , $7, Amazon

Some people recommend hand-washing all your bras, but who really has time for that? For your everyday cotton bras, don't feel guilty throwing them into the washing machine every once in a while. After all, it's better than not washing them, right? Use a bra bag like this one to keep your bras from being crushed in the washing machine.

6. Convert An Old Bra To A Backless One

Not into sticky bras? No problem. Use this tutorial to learn how to convert an old bra into a backless one by removing the band and readjusting the straps. Fair warning for big-boobed ladies out there: This doesn't look super supportive.

7. Turn A Bra Into A Fashion Statement

If you just can't bear the idea of wearing a backless bra (or don't think it would be comfortable), use this tutorial to avoid it entirely. As a bonus, you'll make a fashion statement with the super cute straps on the back of your bra.

Happy bra hacking!

Image: Dawn Foster