Eggs 911 Is Going To Cause Issues On 'HTGAWM'

It was one of the vaguest and biggest mysteries of the Season 1 finale, and I'm proud to say: It's baaaaack. On the How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 premiere, Eggs 911 — the mysterious message that Rebecca sent minutes before being killed — returned, and it's gonna cause some problems. Because we don't know who "Eggs 911" is on HTGAWM , I will from here on refer to him or her as "Eggs 911," for the sake of mystery. Just like me, the Keating 5 doesn't know who Eggs 911 is either. No one does! In the style of Slim Shady: Will the real Eggs 911 please stand up? If the students don't figure out who this mystery person is, they're going to find themselves in some major trouble, because they were the last ones "with" Rebecca before she "disappeared."

During the Season 2 premiere, Michaela texted Eggs 911 "Hi" to try to learn who was behind the phone number. Hey, I've got a question, why don't these extremely well-connected lawyers and law students spend $9.99 for a reverse phone number search online and find out who Eggs 911 is? It doesn't take an overpriced lawyer like Annalise to figure that one out. Eggs 911 didn't return Michaela's text, until the very end of the episode, when he or she responded "Hello" and "Are you there?" I'm not trying to ~read between the lines~ but this Eggs person seems to be concerned about Rebecca's whereabouts a little, especially because they're asking if Rebecca is "there."

If and when Eggs 911 finds out Rebecca isn't texting them and that it's actually the Keating 5, there's probably going to be some drama unleashed. Eggs 911 is most likely a friend of Rebecca's, and, at this point in life, very few know Rebecca is D-E-A-D, so there are some questions to be had. If Eggs 911 realizes Rebecca isn't texting him (or her), they might start looking into her disappearance, which could be bad for the students and their teachers since they, you know, tied her up and threatened her a bunch in the Season 1 finale before Bonnie eventually killed her and Annalise and Frank covered it up.

Unfortunately, we still don't know what Eggs 911 means. Maybe it means "I'm dead, avenge my death," or "About to be killed, delete my Facebook." Whatever it means, Eggs 911 poses a huge problem for Keating 5 and Annalise. Even though they're not the ones that killed Rebecca — what up, Bonnie — they did kidnap her, and that's not really chill with the government.

Assuming Eggs 911 is going to continue to reach out, hopefully the Keating 5 can figure out how to protect themselves from whoever Rebecca confidant is. If not, these folks are going to need a hella good lawyer.

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Images: Mitchell Haaseth/ABC