New Year's Resolutions Inspired By 'Girls's Shoshanna Shapiro

Another New Year's Eve, another batch of resolutions to be brainstormed! Last year, I told myself to eat less grilled cheese sandwiches (ugh, but they're so good), and I've cut down my grilled cheese habit. I'm proud of me. How did I do it? Oh, I got really into making quesadillas. And then I replaced quesadillas with bagels and cream cheese. Yep, I'm awesome at this resolutions thing. And by that I mean I am terrible at it.

Wait. I think my New Year's resolution should be to be better at New Year's resolutions! That's a resolution I can get behind. I am not exactly sure how to execute it (it kind of depends on coming up with other resolutions. Something I obviously struggle with), but I like the idea. It's got a nice ring to it. I think. Or maybe it is eye roll-worthy. Oh gosh. It's totally eye roll-worthy. I'm so sorry.

My anxiety is getting the better of me (and no, "stop being an anxious person" is not a resolution I will be able to keep). Obviously, I need help with this. And I'm going to turn to my favorite fellow neurotic, Shoshanna Shapiro, for help. The Girls character says some magical stuff. Stuff I believe could make great New Year's resolutions/general pieces of life advice. So without further ado, take it away, Shosh!

Resolution No. 1: Never forget your power.

Resolution No. 2: Remember that we all have bad days. And that's okay.

Resolution No. 3: Always find "me-time."

Resolution No. 4: Be more observant. You never know what you'll miss.

Resolution No. 5: Keep on respectin' yourself.

Resolution No. 6: Tell people who aren't on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr/Livejournal/Xanga that you admire their strength.

Resolution No. 7: Stop being afraid to ask questions.

Images: HBO; jespinkmans/tumblr; ilovefitzgerald/tumblr; fuckyeahgirlshbo/tumblr (4); wreckno/tumblr