These BTS 'MACnificent Me' Photos Will Inspire You

This beauty campaign is quickly becoming my favorite of the season — or of any season, for that matter. Earlier this week, MAC's MACnificent Me fall 2015 campaign was launched, but it's not your same-old, same-old advertisement. The brand chose six of their biggest fans in a contest last year to be the faces of their latest line, and they've introduced them one by one in moving videos that really speak to the heart of what it means to be beautiful.

Now that all of the models have been announced, they're taking the world behind the scenes of the inspiring campaign. In addition to the stirring videos of the models, the MACnificent Me website posted videos allowing the minds behind the operation to share their observations.

MAC Cosmetics creative director James Gager and shoot stylist Lori Goldstein sat down for one video, reflecting on what this experience can give to the models. "The six people that we picked are all so different from one another... just hearing each of them, some stories almost make you want to cry, some stories just make you feel so happy and enlightened for that person because they're truly feeling the joy of what this can do for them," says Gager.

"We get to bring out that beauty that a lot of people don't experience in their day-to-day life, and then [they can] have that 'aha' moment and take that with them," added Goldstein. Here's the full conversation:

In another video, the shoot's makeup artist Diane Kendall and legendary hairsylist Serge Normant talked about the campaign's uniquely spontaneous atmosphere. As Gager said, hair, makeup, and clothes can be changed — it's about having fun and playing. Kendall and Normant embraced this lax vibe by making sure the models felt confident, comfortable, and beautiful.

Even though the behind-the-scenes team provides a different glimpse into the making of the campaign, let's not forget who the real stars are here — the models. It must have been tough to choose final images, because these "backups" and process photos are pretty amazing, too.

Luzmaria Vargas

I hope MAC is selling that glow.

Vanessa Tyese Stewart

Cat eye #goals.

Tresor Prijs

Blue eyes, bold lips, can't lose.

Selena Pellegrini

The perfect balance between aging gracefully and aging like a total BAE.

Ben Dniprowskij

Who says guys can't work smoldering eyeliner, too?

Ji Won Kim

I'm convinced that's the prettiest berry lipstick shade I've ever seen on someone.

Images: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics