Kendall Jenner Wears A Crop Top To The Airport

How celebrities manage to look so polished as they strut through the airport, I may never know. Kendall Jenner's airport fashion is consistently impressive. She recently wore a crop top and long vest while traveling, combining a bunch of different styles into one outfit. She flew cross-country looking fierce, which is the exact opposite of how I looked on my most recent flight.

Celebrities get to jet-set across the country looking fabulous, with everyone carrying their stuff for them. I, on the other hand, get to juggle all my luggage, wait in long lines, and look completely disheveled along the way. You win some, you lose some.

Jenner wore a crop top, high-waisted leggings, a New York Yankees hat, and a floor-length vest on her flight from LA to New York. That might sound like a mix-and-match fail, but somehow, she brought all those odds and ends together for a fabulous look. Not many people pull off such an outfit, but Jenner has a knack for making it happen.

She finished the fashionable look with a pair of Nikes and oversized sunglasses, proving that comfort and style can easily coexist. I wish Jenner has been there to style me for my flights!

The Outfit: Kendall's Version

The model wore a white crop top and a floor-length vest for her off-duty ensemble. I would never have picked this outfit for a flight, but I guess that's what makes Jenner's style so one-of-a-kind.

The Outfit: My Version

I opted for something a little less revealing for my flight. I wore a grey v-neck with a large maroon scarf draped over it. Not quite as high fashion.

The Makeup: Kendall's Version

Although her eye makeup was hidden behind her big sunglasses, Jenner did have a light pink tint to her lip. Odds are she kept the rest of her face natural, like she usually does.

The Makeup: My Version

Like Jenner, I kept it all natural for the flight. This was mainly because I was up way too early and I planned on sleeping the entire way.

The Shoes: Kendall's Version

Jenner kept it comfy by wearing leather Nike sneakers through the airport. These shoes sell for $115, which isn't bad, considering that some of her other shoes cost like six months of my rent.

The Shoes: My Version

Not as glamorous and definitely not as expensive, but they did the job. I stepped through airport security in Sperrys, but changed into flip-flops for the flight.

The Hair: Kendall's Version

She was smart and grabbed a baseball hat to hide whatever was going on underneath. The hair that was visible looked wavy and completely natural.

The Hair: My Version

I definitely should've grabbed a hat myself. I boarded the plane with straight hair and came out looking disheveled.

The Bag: Kendall's Version

She choose a leather Givenchy duffel as a carry-on, and it gave her outfit a polished and expensive feel.

The Bag: My Version

My bag was a faux leather brown tote from Target. Functional and cute, but maybe not as glam.

There's no doubt that Jenner won this style showdown. I'll be taking notes for my next flight.

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