Is This '90s Song The Prequel To "Wildest Dreams"?

The pool of talented special guests to make their way to the stage during Taylor Swift's 1989 tour keeps expanding. During the "Bad Blood" singer's performance at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville on Friday, she welcomed none other than Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler. The two performed a rendition of the band's 1998 ballad, "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing," complete with some pyrotechnics that perfectly coordinated with Swift's on fleek attire. Swift tweeted a clip from the performance on Saturday, with the caption: "Singing 'I Don't Want to Miss a Thing' with @IamStevenT was an honor. So inspired by how sweet he was to all of us." Tyler reciprocated the accolades, by tweeting (in all caps, mind you): "HOLY SWIFT!!! @TAYLORSWIFT13...SHINED SO HOT N BRIGHT SHE MADE THE SUN JEALOUS!!! THANKS FOR THE FUN."

The rock legend also retweeted a post Swift had added to the social media site in 2012, which read: "I feel like I'd be more understood if people knew 'I Don't Want to Miss a Thing' by Aerosmith is how most of my emotions sound in my head." Tyler captioned the retweet (again, in all caps to cement the point): "WELL MA DARLIN'...YOU SURE WERE OVERSTOOD TONIGHT! A++...EPIC SHOW...UNTIL NEXT TIME..."

As one who is just coming off watching the above snippet for the 100th time — and makes a semi-regular habit of listening to Swift's latest hit, "Wildest Dreams," on a continuous loop — I have come to an interesting conclusion/query: Are "I Don't Want to Miss A Thing" and "Wildest Dreams" basically the same song?

Obviously, Swift gleaned some inspiration from the late '90s hit, being that she feels the song parallels many of her inner monologues. But let's delve further, shall we?

1. Both Are Super Romantic

This may go without saying, but both songs are drenched in the hurts-so-good feels that can come with intense romance.

2. Dreams Play A Prominent Role In Both Songs

Obviously, you could have derived that Swift's song would have something to do with an entranced state being that "Wildest Dreams" is the title. As for "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing," take a look at these lyrics:

"I don't wanna close my eyes / I don't wanna fall asleep / 'Cause I'd miss you baby / And I don't wanna miss a thing / 'Cause even when I dream of you / The sweetest dream would never do / I'd still miss you baby / And I don't wanna miss a thing"


3. Both Have Cinematic Qualities

It's no wonder that Aerosmith's ballad had elements of cinematic grandeur. The song was used for the soundtrack for the movie Armageddon, which also happened to star Tyler's daughter, Liv. As for Swift, I am personally holding out hope that the music video for "Wildest Dreams" gets turned into a full-length feature at some point.

4. Both Involve The Need For Alone Time

"No one has to know what we do," Swift croons in her dreamy ballad. They certainly don't, but I'm so glad she decided to share the details via her lyrical prowess. For Aerosmith's part, the entire song is basically a testament to the treasured moments of privacy couples can enjoy away from the public.

5. Both Infer That Love Can Be Fleeting

In Swift's ballad, the singer's repeated pleas for her love to "remember" her seem to be indicative of her knowledge that the whirlwind romance wouldn't last. In "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing," the lyrics repeatedly reference the desire to stay locked within one moment of bliss for as long as possible.

I think I've made my point [*insert self-five here*]. Similarities aside, both ballads are beautiful in their own right. Excuse me as I listen to both on a continuous loop.

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