Taylor's '1989' Tour Outfits Have Been AMAZING

In case you haven't noticed lately, Taylor Swift sort of has a lot going on for her. Not only is she killing it on her 1989 world tour, but she also just won about 9,000 awards at the Billboards, announced her relationship with Calvin Harris to Instagram in a photo that included one of those trendy swan pool floats, and just casually donated $15,000 to a firefighter and his family. It's a busy, fabulous life for Taylor to say the least. But in true T-Swift fashion, nothing is really perfect unless there are sequins involved; and if you haven't noticed, Swift has been posting all of her 1989 tour outfits to Instagram, and it's clear that the outfits are the best costumes of all time.

Swift is a fashion icon through and through by this point, but her appreciation for sparkly things and skin-tight jumpsuits covered in sequins is something that requires a certain type of appreciation. It's true that for some people, her on-stage taste might be not be everyone's cup of tea. But, at the end of the day, it's really hard to dislike pretty things sometimes, you know? I mean, hey, you may not choose to wear that full-length, sparkly jumpsuit, but you can appreciate how it looks when it shines on the light, right? OK, maybe that's just me.

1. Sparkly Hem

Just a couple casual friends and an amazing crop top — another night for T-Swizzle.

2. Dripping Sparkle

Favorite. Dress. Ever.

3. ...And Again

It's OK, Taylor. I would wear this dress every change I got as well.

4. THE Jumpsuit

Never thought I'd want this in my closet...but now I definitely do. I need it.

5. Mini Jumpsuit

Nothing sassier than an open back.

6. Blazer Dress

My favorite look of the tour so far. Hands down. Excellent opening night choice, IMHO.

Image: Getty Images