7 People Who Are Winning At Snapchat Lenses, Because There's More To Life Than Just Puking Rainbows

Another day, another opportunity to wake up and perfect your Snachat game. It's clear that the new Snapchat update, which features filters called "lenses," has swept the nation by storm and delight — but even though we all know and love the lenses, there are definitely people who are winning at the Snapchat lens game. Sure, we've all made ourselves puke rainbows by this point — but there are loads more creative ways to uses this addictive new feature, and these folks are definitely schooling us all.

In case you're not up to speed with the Snapchat update, earlier this month the company released a whole bunch of new features for us to enjoy. Live lenses, extra replays for a small fee, and trophies have been taking our Snapchat experience to the next level, and our interest in them is showing no signs of slowing down. The lenses are particularly notable; not only do they apply fun features to your face, but even better, they also have the ability to move. It's almost like partially animating yourself — which, as it turns out, people love.

But with great features comes great responsibility. It's easy to get swept up in all the lenses hype, sending people selfies upon selfies featuring nothing more than yourself and a pair of heart-shaped eyes. These seven people, however? They're using the lenses in infinitely more interesting ways. They've used the power of the lenses for good, not for boredom, and they could all teach us a few lessons about keeping our social media game on fleek.

1. JCD

Vine user JCD employed Snapchat in the most brilliant way by using the lenses to, shall we say, embellish some of the GOP candidates during their speeches. Above we see Senator Ted Cruz turning into a demon, but some other animations featured on JCD's Vine include Carly Fiorina wearing a monocle, Jeb Bush turning into a cyborg, and Rand Paul flushed pink and vomiting rainbows.

2. Ryanpernofski

Want some examples of funny, creative lens use from a handsome Australian man? How about funny, creative, and sometimes very pretty videos that don't feature lenses? Are you just super into creative Snapchat usage in general? Check out Ryan Pernofski on Vine for a taste; then add him on Snapchat with the same username for more videos.

3. Meetthechambers

Putting filters on babies is one of the cutest things you can do with Snapchat filters, because who doesn't want to watch a baby turn into an even cuter baby?

4. Kealoha1981

Why just limit yourself to rainbows leaving your own body? When you can incorporate emoji, you end up with rainbows exploding out of everywhere.

5. Akanshasareen

Blowing kisses with lenses to the beat of a song? A pretty smart use of lenses, in my opinion (not to mention super mesmerizing, for some reason) — especially when it's coming from a beautiful Indian model.

6. Jmarie0103

Nothing is freakier than than the Creepy Child trope. Just saying.

7. Mike_story

Most people seem to be using the thin mustache lens to do their best impression of Salvador Dali, but this guy? He's killing it.

If you want to step up your Snap Story game, take some advice from these pros. An opportunity to use a lens in a creative way may be hiding in your own home (or, you know, your kid's face).

Images: JCD, RyanPernofski/Vine; Metthechambers, kealoha1981, akanshasareen, jamrie0103, mike_story/Instagram