9 Reasons To Watch 'The Daily Show With Trevor Noah' When It Premieres, Even If You Still Miss Jon Stewart

Whether you've been looking forward to it, dreading it, or just plain ignoring it, the day has finally arrived: Trevor Noah's first episode of The Daily Show . I don't know how you personally are feeling about it, but I'm both excited and sad that this day has finally come. For the most part, I'm really excited that the show is returning, and even more excited to see what Noah does with it. However, I'm also still mourning the departure of Jon Stewart and trying not to take it personally that he abandoned us in our time of need. Although with the state of the country lately, it feels like it's nothing but times of need, and there was never going to be a moment of relative calm where he could slip out without us noticing. But still.

Anyway, Stewart is gone now, and we all need to come to terms with that. And one way I feel like we can do that is by checking out the new version of the show with Trevor Noah. Sure, it isn't going to go as smoothly right away, because Stewart was doing this for 16 seasons, and Noah will need to get his sea legs. However, I think it's important that we give it a shot instead of writing it off right away. In fact, I think it's so important that I came up with a list of nine reasons that we all need to tune in on Monday night.

1. Curiosity

Plain and simple. Since Noah is a relative unknown, we really have no idea how he'll handle helming a show like this one, and the only way to find out is by watching.

2. Because All Your Favorite Correspondents Are Coming Back

"The Best F*cking News Team Ever" is staying together, with Jordan Klepper, Hasan Minhaj, and Jessica Williams all returning. And Williams in particular has perfectly summed up your feelings about the new Daily Show , so we know the team is still as on top of what is going on in the world as ever.

3. Because The Writing Staff Will Be Largely The Same

Many of the writers from the Jon Stewart era are sticking around, and the new Daily Show writers sound very promising — two comedians from Uganda, Joseph Opio and David Kibuuka, Devin Delliquanti from Onion News Network, and Alex Marino, who co-founded the Magnet, an improv theater in New York City.

4. Because We Need The Daily Show To Stick Around

Yo, Jon Stewart built this amazing thing, and we need it! We need it very badly in our society! Let's not let the ratings fall just because he's stepped away from the wheel.

5. Because There's So Much In The News Right Now

We got the Pope, we got Kim Davis, we got Donald Trump, we got Hillary Clinton, we got Planned Parenthood, we got John Boehner retiring... this is no moment to rest on our laurels! We gotta get in the game and start satirizing!

6. That Accent

At heart, I'm a simple lass who loves a South African twang.

7. He's Been Working On This Show For A Long Time

Noah has been doing test shows on test shows on test shows, which shows he's taking this seriously and wants it to succeed. And he's super nervous, so we should all tune in to calm his nerves and help him relax into the job. That way, he can start putting his best foot (desk?) forward.

8. To Give Jon Stewart A Break

People seem to have forgotten that Stewart is no longer hosting The Daily Show anymore, because they keep reaching out to him for comment on those insane current events I just referenced. Give the man his retirement! We gotta start turning to Trevor Noah; he's our dad now!

9. What Else Are You Honestly Doing At 11:30 P.M. On A Monday?

Oh, sorry, do you have dinner plans? Maybe a baby shower? Nope, you're gonna be home anyway, so either suck it up and stay up past your (my) bedtime to watch it, or DVR it for the next day. After all, it's on pretty much every channel , so no excuses!

The bottom line is, we love this show and we need this show, so let's watch this show, right? Of course it matters who's sitting at the desk, but we have to at least give Trevor Noah a chance to succeed on the level that Jon Stewart did. We owe it to ourselves, and we owe it to him.

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