Watch People Try 'Harry Potter' Lipsticks For The First Time — VIDEO

Magical and non-magical folk alike celebrated the announcement of a Harry Potter lipstick line a few weeks ago, and now they're finally ready to ~Slytherin~ to your makeup drawer. (I'll see myself out.) BuzzFeed had Harry Potter fans try the new lipstick line just to see if it lived up to all the hype, and I can basically feel the figurative weight of all my nonexistent Galleons lifting out of my purse so I can afford to buy some of them for my bad self. These aren't just lipsticks, guys — a lot of these are basically Death Eater warpaint, and for a Hufflepuff, I am surprisingly on board.

The fans only tried four of the lipsticks Smitten Liptint Mousse's line, available at LA Splash Cosmetics. Their task? Try on the incredibly unique lipsticks, and try to guess the names of each one of them based on how their look turned out. And while some of the shades seemed to make perfect sense with the names they were given, others were tricky even for super fans to figure out. So how would you measure up? Here is one of the lipsticks the super fans tried, so you can test your knowledge before moving on to the full video.

Navy Blue

Guess #1

Guess #2


Don't worry if you got this one wrong — so did I. I was, for some reason, deeply convinced it had something to do with Trelawney or astrology, so you can join me in Potterhead hell where we stew in our WRONGNESS. But hey, maybe you still have a chance to redeem yourself. Check out the full video with the rest of the shades below, and see if you can get the rest of them right — or if it turns out you're a lipstick Squib:

Images: YouTube(4); Giphy