9 Times Coffee Is The Only Answer

I never need another reason to celebrate the wonder of coffee. But, in case I did, Sept. 29 is National Coffee Day — so, it's the perfect time to think about all of the times that coffee is the only answer in life.

Admittedly, I was never a big coffee drinker in my earlier days. Then, college happened. And, if there was ever anything that would turn you into a coffee drinker, those early morning lectures, all night study sessions, and stressful exams are the thing to do it. Needless to say, coffee helped me make it through my college years.

Today? Well, I feel like I can't even get my morning started until I've had a hot mug of some good, ol' fashioned caffeine. And, as I've turned into more and more of a coffee lover, I've realized that coffee isn't just good for a morning pick-me-up. In fact, coffee is the answer for all sorts of different life problems and situations.

Coffee is like a best friend. No matter what, you can always count on it to be there whenever you need it most. So, here are nine times that coffee is the only answer. But, let's be honest, this list could've been much longer. Coffee is always the answer.

1. When you're too exhausted to even think about functioning.

Life is exhausting. We all get tired. And, if it weren't for coffee, there'd be nothing to pull us through those dragging moments of fatigue.

2. When you need to have an awkward get-together with someone you haven't seen in years.

Oh, the joy of those forced and awkward reunions with people you don't usually socialize with. Luckily, meeting for coffee is the perfect, casual suggestion for getting together. Plus, it's noncommittal. You can escape as soon as you're done with your mug.

3. When you need something to look forward to in order to get out of bed in the morning.

I'm not a morning person. So, most of the time, the only thing that can even attempt to convince me to tear myself away from the comfort of my bed is the promise of coffee.

4. When you feel like there's no way you can make it through your afternoon.

Coffee in the morning is great. But, coffee in the afternoon? It's that extra kick of motivation you need to make it through the rest of your day.

5. When you need an excuse to stop in and see that cute barista.

You've had a crush on that barista for months. Luckily, you can stop in and see him whenever you're craving coffee — which is always.

6. When you want something delicious, but can't figure out what you want for dessert.

I can't be the only one who thinks of coffee like dessert — especially if you add enough sugar. Call me an old person, but I think it's the perfect after-dinner treat. Plus, if you want to have dessert too, coffee pairs perfectly with any sort of sweet.

7. When you're freezing your butt off.

I'm always cold. And, sure, hot cocoa or tea will warm me up. But, nothing does the job quite like coffee.

8. When literally everybody is annoying you.

Some days — OK, most days — people can be difficult to deal with. But, that's even more true when you haven't had your cup of coffee yet. So, coffee is the magic pill you need when you're having trouble tolerating people.

9. When you just need an excuse to keep on living.

Coffee. The answer is always coffee.

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