Lady Gaga Slept With Makeup On, But She Probably Doesn't Make A Habit Of It — PHOTOS

One of the golden rules of beauty and of taking care of your skin is that you should never, ever fall asleep with your makeup on. Your mother (or your beauty influencer) taught you to always wash your face before bed, right? Right. Well, Lady Gaga went to bed with her makeup on, as evidenced by the selfie she just posted.

To her credit, Mother Monster is shouldering a crazy workload. She is working on new music and she has a role as The Countess in American Horror Story: Hotel; in fact, she also shared more images from the series, along with a shot of her blood-spattered, white blonde hair and scarlet, dagger-like nails. Her career has gotten a boost of buzz because of the role.

Therefore, she deserves a pass for crashing out without bothering to scrub off her face paint.

But let's hope that she doesn't make a habit of napping without removing her eye shadow or other product. It's said to clog pores, it makes a mess of the sheets, and it prevents your skin from being able to breathe. Since Gaga is an oft-photographed celeb, she wears more makeup than most. If this became a habit, it could lead to skin problems.

But she looks so at peace, doesn't she? Those 19-hour days will get you every time. It's also the anti-"woke up like this" selfie. Most of those are taken when you first wake up, with little-to-no-makeup.

Blood in her hair, don't care! Isn't the blood spatter creepy? But Lady Gaga has played with fake blood as an accessory and beauty product before.

The Countess' white dress makes her look semi-mummified. Creeptacular! I am so DVRing this show.

As for Gaga's bed selfies? They usually have variety. Here, Gaga and one of her pooches were all done up when posing in bed.

For this snap she was totally makeup-free, rocking her natural, dark hair.

More fresh-faced, in-bed fun.

Gaga was so pretty, even when sleepy. She posts a lot of no makeup selfies, so it's obvious she isn't usually sleeping with her face on. Whew!

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Images: Lady Gaga/Instagram (7)