13 Subtle Harry Potter Tattoo Ideas

Tiny and subtle tattoos are not only adorable: I think they're the best type of first tattoo you can get. The design is usually simple (and easy to hide), which makes for a quick process — in other words, not too painful. And, when deciding to get any tattoo, you'll want to choose one that means a lot to you — after all, you will be looking at it every day, and you'll want to feel proud of it. That's why I think a Harry Potter tattoo is clearly right up your alley, book-nerd.

Harry Potter will forever remain a part of your life. "Always" isn't just a word to you, it's a way of life. And if you haven't already made that leap to getting a tattoo dedicated to the series, then I have some unique and exciting ideas for you. Do you want something that represents the entire series like the lightning bolt scar or Harry's glasses? Or do you want something strictly dedicated to a character like Dobby or Luna Lovegood? Either way, there are options from you to choose from.

Get your wands at the ready, or maybe just your credit card, because you're about to make a tattoo appointment after seeing these magical tattoos!

The 9 3/4 Platform

This adorable 9 3/4 platform tattoo could be placed just about anywhere you'd like: on your wrist, ankle, neck, or behind your ear!

A Lightning Bolt

Apart form the Deathly Hollows symbol, there's not a more iconic image that screams "Harry Potter" than the famous lightning bolt scar.

The Gringotts Vault 687

This is the first time I've seen a tattoo about Harry's vault at Gringotts, and I love it! Adding the little stars makes this tattoo too perfect.

Mischief Managed Quote

White ink tattoos aren't the most common, but make for unique tattoos. In this case, you could choose the same quotes, or you could go with the tiny glasses.

The Marauders Map Feet

I love that these little footprints follow up her ear! This tattoo would be just as easy to hide as it would be to show off.

The Deathly Hallows Symbol

Both of these subtle Deathly Hollows symbols are as elegant as they are beautiful. Hiding the sign in another tattoo is a subtle way to incorporate Harry Potter in any tattoo you get.

Your Favorite Spell

Whatever your favorite spell is, pick out a handwritten font and find the perfect spot to put it. This is a great alternative tattoo to getting a longer quote from the book.

A Sock Inside Of A Book

If you loved Dobby with all of your heart, this is a heartwarming tribute to get in his honor.

A Finger Wand

Unfortunately, most of us didn't receive a wand from Ollivander's as a kid, so this is the next best thing.

Luna Lovegood's Glasses

Luna's quirky and colorful Spectra Specs make for a tattoo Luna herself would adore.

Your Favorite Page Number

You could use the page with your favorite quote or the one where your favorite chapter starts. No matter which one, that page is uniquely special to you and would make for a wonderful and subtle tattoo.

A Hogwarts Tower

With or without the flag claiming it's Hogwarts, this tattoo is a fantastic tribute to your one true home.

The Three Stars

Of course, you can always go with the simplest and best way to show your love for Harry Potter with the three little stars that mark every page in the magical books.

Images: Michelle Carl/flickr; giphy (1)