Annalise Has An A-List Ex-Girlfriend On 'HTGAWM'

by Kaitlin Reilly

Juicy ABC mystery-drama How To Get Away With Murder has no shortage of powerhouse guest stars, but perhaps few have made such a lasting impression as this Season 2 newcomer. It turns out that Annalise (played by Emmy winner Viola Davis) had an intense relationship before marrying Sam "Dirtbag" Keating — and it was with a woman. Beautiful lawyer Eve returned to Annalise's life in the Season 2 premiere of How To Get Away With Murder , and she's guaranteed to either start trouble or get wrapped up in Annalise's. Annalise's ex-girlfriend is played by Famke Jansseen, and fingers crossed with dynamic actress is here to stay.

If you recognized Janssen the second her and her gorgeous peacoat showed up onscreen, there's a reason for that: Janssen's pretty much everywhere. The Dutch actress has made guest appearances on series like Star Trek: The Next Generation, Melrose Place, and Ally McBeal before moving on to the recurring role of Ava Moore on Nip/Tuck for a total of 11 episodes. She is currently a part of the main cast of Hemlock Grove, a Netflix horror series going on its third season.

While Janssen has a notable TV presence, she's actually more recognizable from her film work. One of Janssen's earlier film roles was in 1995, when she played a Bond Girl in GoldenEye. Later on she scored roles in films like Hide and Seek, opposite Robert De Niro, and Biblical comedy The Ten. In 2000 she joined the X-Men franchise as Jean Grey, a part she reprised in X2, X-Men: The Last Stand, and character spinoff The Wolverine. It's not her only franchise: She also played Lenny, aka "the mom," in the Taken franchise. (Sadly, [Taken spoiler alert] Lenny didn't survive the third film, and her death was an integral part of Taken 3's plot.)

Though she's been in the public eye for nearly three decades, Janssen wasn't always an actress. Janssen actually had a thriving modeling career in the '90s, during which she was repped by Elite Model Management and worked for companies like Victoria's Secret. She eventually retired from modeling to pursue acting full-time, and landed her first role in 1992 in the movie Fathers and Sons.

Janssen may have started out as a model, but she fits in quite nicely to the high-drama world of How To Get Away With Murder. Now the question is: Will Janssen play a friend or foe to Annalise and her five? Only time will tell on this series.

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