15 Cosmic Items To Dream Of Life On Mars In

I'll be the first to admit that I don't keep up with scientific space exploration discoveries or what's going on with the moon (let alone cosmic fashion). This week, however, it was difficult to ignore the amazing blood super moon. Before anyone could really calm down from the super moon, though, NASA announced that water was found on Mars on Sept. 28.

If you didn't see the moon or the subsequent announcement for yourself, you likely saw your friends geeking out or turning their blood moon photos into T-shirts. NASA's news arguably jolted the question of extraterrestrial life into the public eye once again. For the ever-of-the-moment Millennial, this means the potential for extraterrestrial-themed fashion is going to be more intense than ever.

Personally, I am more concerned with metallic mini skirts than moon-suits, and I was more of an arts and crafts kid than a space camp one. But I'm not a total space hater. I even think that in fashion and beauty, there's totally a space (pun definitely intended) for out-of-this-world looks.

The thing about cosmic fashion is that it can be totally literal (as in images of space) or super fantasy sci-fi kitsch. Either way, I believe in it. Here are 15 items to rock while you celebrate the (slightly more real) possibilities of life on Mars.

1. Space Jam

Galaxy Blue Shooter, $64, Black Milk Clothing

I headed to Australian brand Black Milk Clothing in search of its famous galaxy leggings, but fell for this jersey instead. All of its galaxy-themed items are printed from real photos taken by NASA. Space really is cool, amirite?

2. Eyes Open

Galaxy Chic, $12, BH Cosmetics

Galaxy Chic is the name of this eyeshadow palette and the shades look just like their cosmic namesakes. These hues are perfect for the nebula-loving beauties of the world.

3. Yippie-Yi-Yay

Space Cowgirl Metallic Skirt, $47.60,

This metallic skirt is a look straight out of my Y2K dreams and the name is very reminiscent of the underrated 'N Sync classic "Space Cowboy."

4. Choked Up

Cotton Candy Alien Choker, $40,

If this alien choker is giving you all of the '90s space grunge meets Baddie Winkle feels, it's because designer Marina Fini is a Baddie Winkle fave.

5. Star Gazing

Celestial Fireworks Duvet Cover, $90, Sharp Shirter

This duvet cover shows aerial fireworks from a nebula 20,000 lightyears away and there are plenty of other cosmic styles available. If you've ever wanted to sleep with the stars overhead, consider sleeping immediately under them instead.

6. Alien Versus Predator

Alien vs. Predator Tee, $22, Burger and Friends

Although I admittedly only watched the original Alien movie as a requirement for a gender studies class in college, this tee still makes me laugh.

7. Dark Side Of The Moon

Purgatory, $18,

There are no blood moon shades to be found at new makeup brand Black Moon Cosmetics, but this deep purple hue is gothic and cosmic perfection.

8. Head In The Clouds

Galaxy Bucket Hat, $27, Etsy

Even though bucket hats may scream summer festival fashion, I feel that because this one is fully lined, it remains a transitional item you can still wear in fall and be a star in.

9. We Come In Peace

Laser Cut Acrylic Alien Ring, $8.03,

This laser cut ring may be small in surface, but it's certainly telling a story of an alien invasion in artistic detail.

10. Shine Bright

Black Galaxy, $24.99,

Accessory designer Eddie Borgo is known for detailed high end luxury items, but he brings his unique vision to this customizable wristlet for Target.

11. Stars-n-Stuff

Cosmic Creations Tee, $29.99,

ModCloth is one brand that has embraced cosmic fashion to the fullest and offers a plethora of options in sizes S to 4X, like this whimsical tee.

12. Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Alien Pasties, $10,

Leave it to Shop Jeen to carry wacky yet awesome glow-in-the-dark alien pasties with glitter eyes perfect for some burlesque on the moon.

13. Space Boots

Galaxy Shoes Nebula Space Boots, $70, Etsy

If I ever had to kick any alien ass, I would definitely want to do it in these combat boots. I am both mesmerized and impressed by the accuracy of the hand-painted pattern.

14. Hey Aliens

Aliens Say Hey Sunglasses, $49, Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill is another brand that totally has that whole cosmic grunge/space cowboy look down. The styling of these sunglasses with the alien choker and orange eyebrows is extraterrestrial chicness on point.

15. Shoot For The Moon

Moon and Star Arm Cuff, $9, Asos

There's something wonderfully simplistic about this gold cuff. Wrapping around the upper arm with a moon on one side and a star on the other, I can't help but think of that cliche that goes, "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

So appreciate the stars, beware of aliens, and look out-of-this-world while you wait for someone to finally colonize Mars.

Images: Courtesy Brands