Hillary Clinton's 9 Funniest Emails

by Alex Gladu

On Wednesday, the State Department gave us the latest installment of our favorite non-TV drama when it released another batch of Hillary Clinton's emails. But this time around, plenty of the emails give off more of a Veep-vibe than a Scandal-ous one. In fact, the funniest of Clinton's emails make her seem totally relatable — assuming you joke about the Chinese hacking your email account, too.

In this latest batch, the State Department released 6,300 new emails to the public, exceeding the project's goal of releasing 37 percent of all emails by Sept. 30. (Yay for a government project happening ahead of schedule!) For the most part, the emails seem to be pretty run-of-the-mill things that you'd expect Clinton to be talking about — a news story, Libya, etc. — but then there are the hidden gems that make you think, "Did HRC send this, or did my mom?"

Clinton's emails have quickly become the largest scandal of her campaign. She can't even seem to get through an interview without talking about them. If she got to talk about the funny emails, though, people might actually find her somewhat relatable. As a politician, a former First Lady, and a member of the upper class, Clinton is often seen by her critics as out of touch with the middle class. It's good to know that when it comes down to it, you're not the only one who gets ignored from time to time.

Did You Get This?

While traveling further and further out on Long Island, Clinton can't find a working NPR station, so, naturally, she emails her aides to ask for help. Only, she's not pleased when they don't respond promptly and she hits them with the, "Did any of you get this?" message. In her defense, the time stamps appear to indicate that she sent the second email almost three hours after the first. Thank you, Mrs. Clinton, for determining the appropriate amount of time to wait before calling someone out for ignoring you.

What A Claim To Fame

Back in 2011, Bill Clinton apparently met the daughter of the man who "circumcised Bin Laden." Hillary seemed unimpressed, although she did find the story interesting enough to tell her friend.


When people do respond to Clinton, they know they can't put everything in writing. In this chain, Clinton asks innocently, "BTW what does 'fubar' mean?" Her aide responds that it is inappropriate for a civil email. Just wait, now your parents will probably want to know what FUBAR means, too. (P.S., Never have I ever wanted to know the context of an email so badly… Where did Clinton hear about FUBAR and what made her want to ask this aide in an email?)

Home Girl

Not only does Clinton have "home girls" — but she considers Harriet Tubman one of those home girls.

Must Be The Chinese

When Clinton couldn't find someone's email address, she chalked it up to the alleged hack on government emails by the Chinese. Hopefully, this was at least somewhat a joke. Either way, it can now be your new excuse for "losing" someone's phone number: "Sorry for not responding, I lost your number. Must be the Chinese!"

The Guy

Someone found ever-elusive "the guy" for Clinton. If you're Scott Malcomson, you might really be wondering what made you "the guy" to Clinton. But you're "the guy," so let's be honest, you probably already know why.

Hillary "Robin Hood" Clinton

One of Clinton's aides forwarded her this email about a tweet that called her Robin Hood. She later replied, "What does this mean??" (I see you with your two question marks, HRC.) Her aide assured her that it was a good thing, but didn't offer any other explanation.

Ellen DeGeneres

In 2011, it looks as if Clinton's camp was trying to recruit Ellen DeGeneres for an advocacy position related to promoting HIV/AIDS awareness. Clinton was hoping to run into her in Los Angeles… because aren't we all hoping to run into DeGeneres in Los Angeles? Unlike the rest of us, Clinton had talking points prepared because running into DeGeneres was actually a possibility. The rest of us just hope we can remember to take a selfie with her if this ever happens.

Lost You So

Even the Secretary of State's phone calls drop once in a while. When they do, she sends an email with half the sentence in the subject line and half the sentence in the body of the email. Also, she uses "pls."

#TGIT came early this week with Clinton's latest emails hitting the Internet. While we've come to expect drama from the email scandal, many of the noteworthy messages from this time around are those that seem relatable and completely typical.

Images: State Department (6)