How To Be A Man Bun For Halloween

2015 will go down as the year of the man bun. Everyone from Jared Leto to Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt have rocked the bun at some point this year. With all the celebrity attention, a man bun Halloween costume is the perfect get-up to sport. Here's how to dress as a man bun for Halloween.

As you know, the man bun has lovers and haters. Either way, everyone knows about the man bun trend. There are Instagram and Twitter accounts dedicated to the man bun, and men everywhere have been growing out their locks to achieve this luscious look.

The man bun as a costume is punny (heh, get it? Funny and a pun?) and it's the ideal costume for anyone with a wicked sense of humor. Plus, this is a great costume if you want to win "most creative" or take the "pop culture costume" title this year.

It's also ideal if you're the type who isn't into traditional costumes and really wants to up the ante for Halloween. You might have to explain this costume to other people all night long, but it's worth it for all the LOLs and high fives you're bound to receive.

All you need to achieve this look are a few manly accessories, a little humor, and a lot of hamburger references.

Here's my complete man bun costume kit.

1. Hipster Mustache

Party City Hippie Mustache, $5, Party City

We all know hipsters are practically man bun ambassadors, and nothing is more hipster than a slightly creepy mustache. It'll also signify the "man" part of "man bun."

2. Adult Hamburger Halloween Costume

Adult Hamburger Halloween Costume, $50, Amazon

Slap a hipster mustache on with this costume and boom — you're now a man bun.

3. Craft Beer

Dales Pale Ale, Okar Blues Brewery

You aren't a real, certified man-bun-wearing lad if you aren't carrying around a craft beer. Just be sure to bring enough for your friends.

5. Hamburger Buns

Value Hamburger Buns

If you don't have enough time to order the hamburger costume, you can still dress up as a dude and tape some buns around you or add some straps with duck tape and carry them as a backpack.

6. A Sign That Reads "I Might Cause Balding"

Staples Card Stock, $13, Staples

You might've heard the sad news — man buns can cause balding in men. Carry around a sign that reads, "I might cause balding," or even better — get it printed on a shirt!

Images: Courtesy of Brands