Stop Making These Mistakes On The Snapchat Update

It's been two whole weeks since Snapchat launched its now hugely-famous update (*sniff* they grow up so fast...). Now that everyone has had some time to download and explore the update, one wonders what Snapchat lens mistakes am I making? What about trophies? Am I goofing there, too? Heck, am I just making a ton of mistakes with the entire update without even knowing it? How can I rectify the situation?

If you haven't installed the new Snapchat update, you better get your head in the game — it's everywhere. If you are one of the 100 million active daily users of the app, you're probably already all too familiar with rainbow puke and what can only be described as "creepy old butler face"; however, the new update is so much more than just adding lenses to pictures of Donald Trump. In the wake of all the wacky lens-related excitement, maybe you missed out on some of the key features of the new and improved Snapchat. I know, I know — everyone just wants to add a lens and get on with their life, but hear me out: Some of the features are really cool.

If you consider yourself a die-hard Snap-ophile, check out these Snapchat mistakes you could be making — and how to fix them. You might be surprised to learn just how much goodness there is to try!

1. Your Angles Are All Off

A lot of people seem to be having trouble getting the app to recognize their face properly, resulting in tears coming out of your nose, or hearts exploding from your ears. Good lighting, a proper angle, and patience are all key. Check out this step-by-step tutorial for exactly how to get the lenses to activate.

2. You Haven't Decoded Your Friend Emoji

Snapchat's notorious "best friends" feature has been replaced by a plethora of emoji for all kinds of situations, both good and... not so good. You can use the decoder above (it's under "Friend Emoji" in the "Settings" section of the app) to find out where you and bae stand.

3. Your Trophy Case Is Empty

Even if you're a hardcore Snapper, your trophy case might still be looking a little sparse. Don't fear! There are a ton of fun ways to start filling up your proverbial mantlepiece. Check out these tips for how to earn the prizes.

4. You Haven't Updated Your Avatar

Is your Snapchat avatar still just the li'l white ghost? As much as we all love that guy, it's time to take advantage of Snapchat's cool feature that allows you to customize your avatar with an image, video, or GIF.

5. Your Paying For All Those Replays

One of the more "meh" features of Snapchat's new update was the fact that you can now replay any snap of your choice for $0.99. You're already allowed to replay one snap per day for free, but if you find yourself in a bind, don't bother to shell out the extra cash; check out one of these free replay hacks instead.

6. You're Not Checking Back For New Lenses

Snapchat really means business with their lenses: They plan on rolling out a new lens every single day. Though a few have already cycled back in and out (I couldn't quit you, rainbow puke...), there are still plenty of fresh lenses currently available that were not part of the initial update.

Images via Maurizio Pesce/Flickr; Giphy (5); Snapchat