Black Milk Clothing Nails Halloween Style

I think we can pretty much agree that few brands do Halloween better than Australian cult classic Black Milk Clothing. Last year the label blew us away with a Halloween collection that covered everything from adorable Jack o' lanterns, to rather macabre blood-splattered leggings. Heck, it was so cool that even Katy Perry saw fit to wear some of the brains-printed separates from the line.

Yep, Black Milk Clothing has some rad offerings year-round — don't even get me started on the Game of Thrones-inspired collection; I've been coveting those Rhaegal-inspired leggings for the better part of a year now — but it's definitely Halloween when the brand goes all out. As founder/head designer James Lillis pointed out in a press release sent to Bustle, "Halloween is like Christmas for our community — it’s the most anticipated time of year, so we like to go all out with our Halloween releases!"

This year's line, dubbed the "Lady Anarchy Collection," brings back some of the favorites from last year (hey, you can never go wrong with blood-splattered skater dresses and cthulhu-printed leggings) while also adding in a cool steampunk-inspired look. As Lillis says, "This year’s collection is inspired by a steam punk, neo-Victorian aesthetic – it’s beautiful and elegant, yet creepy and fun at the same time, which really suits the general Black Milk style."

Sounds cool, right? Let's take a look at some of the most beautiful/elegant/creepy/fun pieces from the collection!

1. Play with Me Play Dress

I can't help but think that A from Pretty Little Liars would get a kick out of this ultra-creepy dress.

Play with Me Play Dress, $68,

2. Cthulhu Long Sleeve Crop

OK, who doesn't need a cthulhu crop top in their lives?

Cthulhu Long Sleeve Crop, $45,

3. Spellbound Scoop Skater Dress

Ready to curse some people at your next Halloween party? This dress might be just the ticket.

Spellbound Reversible Skater Dress, $68,

4. Haunted House Purple MF Leggings


Haunted House Purple MF Leggings, $60,

5. Dark Places Reversible Skater Dress

Ghost-believers and ghostbusters alike are sure to get a kick out of this ethereal, ectoplasm-covered dress.

Dark Places Reversible Skater Dress, $68,

6. Leg Bones X-Ray MF Leggings

The perfect intersection of creepy, cool, and disarming.

Leg Bones X-Ray MF Leggings, $60,

7. Blood Splatter Play Dress

Dexter would no doubt approve.

Blood Splatter Play Dress, $68,

8. Steam Punk Steel Pencil Skirt

Here's some steampunk-meets-Terminator glamour to add to your Halloween festivities this year.

Steam Punk Steel Pencil Skirt, $48,

9. Dark Moth vs. Play with Me Dress

Ooh, this one's a twofer — this reversible skater dress is doubly scary.

Dark Moth vs. Play with Me Dress, $170 (AUD),

10. Mechanical Bone Catsuit 2.0

I don't know about you, but I might have just found this year's costume a few weeks early.

Mechanical Bone Catsuit 2.0, $96,

Black Milk Clothing's newest collection launches at 9 a.m. EST on Tuesday, October 6th. Will you be joining the queue?

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Images: Courtesy of Black Milk Clothing