Black Milk Clothing + Pulp Horror = Epic Halloween

I don't know about you, but I was so excited when I heard that Black Milk Clothing was doing a Halloween-based collection. It's a match made in heaven, after all: their pop-culture inspired party wear imbued with their frequently-utilized creepy edge seemed like the perfect pairing for everyone's favorite holiday (sorry, Christmas). Besides, hot on the heels of their much-loved Disney Princess collaboration and Westeros-inspired duds, it was time for a new shake-up.

Anyway, they released a preview of the collection on their Pinterest account on Tuesday, and it seriously delivers. It's got something for every Halloween palette, from cutesy little emoji-reminiscent ghosts to legitimately scary scabby plague hands, and just about everything in between. And it's the best of both worlds in more ways than one — you no longer have to choose between a Cady Heron-level scary costume and a sexy Regina George costume, because now you can wear a second-skin, barely-there mini dress covered in blood spatters.

Basically, this Halloween, with the help of Black Milk Clothing, you can be the prettiest girl at the ball. Or rather, the most on-theme/coolest at the warehouse party (especially because Halloween happens to fall on an honest-to-god Friday night this year). Here are some of my favorite looks from the collection:

Braaains Skater Skirt

See? Adorable and sexy and a little gross.

Cthulhu Vs Haunted House Purple Inside Out Dress

Printed with a cthulhu on one side and a haunted house on the other side? That's what they call a win-win, my friends.

Free Spirit Reversible Skater Dress

I literally just almost wrote, "this dress is to die for" without any ironic intentions.

Pumpkin Patch Scoop Skater Dress

Sweeter than candy corn.

What A Mess Leggings

AKA "Scar All The Little Kids' Memories Forever" Leggings.

Death By Disco Leggings

If those last leggings were a shade too macabre for you, these feature shiny, metallic blood. I think that's all we really need to know here.

Wicked Web Silver Reversible Crop

Halloween classic.

What's you're favorite look? I'm partial to the cutesy ghosts and Jack o' Lanterns, myself.

Images: Black Milk Clothing