Who Killed Emily On 'How To Get Away With Murder'? One Of The Students Might Be To Blame

My brain feels like it is floating in a pool of Jell-O after the second episode of How to Get Away with Murder. Annalise is dying. Connor is looking for something and he's all bloody. They're at the Hapstall siblings' house. And, Emily is dead on HTGAWM . So dead. We learned a lot and very little on How to Get Away with Murder's flash forward sequence in Episode 2. We learned that Wes was not alone at the house where Annalise got shot. We learned the house probably belongs to the Hapstall children. And, we learned that literally anyone could be responsible for Annalise lying in a pool of blood. Oh and that someone killed Emily. But who?

Rewinding back a bit, Emily was the prosecutor for the case of Nate killing Sam Keating. She lost, big time, when she didn't provide enough evidence that Nate was any bit involved. Turns out, Asher was working for her, and when she lost the case, he was all like, "Bye, Felicia." No really, he said that. But, Emily then took the role as the new prosecutor on the Hapstall case (you know, the one with the two siblings who went all Menendez brothers on their parents?). Does Emily have something against Annalise, or nah?

But, in the flash forward, it is revealed that Emily is very much dead, with a dying Annalise not far away. We don't know who shot Annalise, yet, but you also might be wondering who killed Emily? There are a few options, one of which I don't think you're going to like.

The first, and most wipe-your-hands-and-move-on-with-your-life option is the Hapstall siblings. Catherine and Caleb are probably definitely guilty of killing their parents (I just have a feeling), and their aunt mysteriously died, too... and now their prosecutor. Yeah, I don't know if we can trust these two sneaky sibs. They've got blood all over them.

The second option is Asher Millstone. I know, he's not the favorable killer on the show, but why the hell is he even on the show if he isn't a killer? Asher does nothing on HTGAWM. He doesn't even know about half of the deaths going on around him. The show is called How to Get Away with Murder, not How to Get Away with Sleeping with Your Boss and Probably Failing Your Classes Because You Never Go to Them.

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I'm rooting for Asher to get more involved in this season, and if that means that he killed Emily — someone we know he has a connection with from being in cahoots about the Nate case — then so be it. That's just the way the cookie has likely crumbled in this dark, twisted universe.

Images: Mitchell Haaseth/ABC