How Did Durrani & Shalom Meet? The 'DASH Dolls' Star Claims Tinder Had Nothing To Do With It

True love is in the air over at DASH Dolls. Can't you feel it wafting around among the racks of bandage dresses and asymmetrical crop tops? The season promos hint at boy drama to come for several of the ladies on the Keeping Up With The Kardashians spinoff, but after the first two episodes, the DASH Dolls standing It Couple is definitely Durrani and her new love Shalom. The real life Disney princess was clearly sprung from her first date with this mysterious and wealthy guy, and their couple-dom was solidified after Shalom faked Durrani out with a Disneyland trip on her birthday, taking her to pick up her shiny, new Barbie-pink car instead. (But...what about Disneyland, Shalom? Next week maybe?) This relationship has gone from zero to 60 in a hot minute. But where, exactly, did it start? How did Durrani and Shalom meet?

The first time Shalom met his girlfriend's colleagues, he told them that he and Durrani had both swiped right on Tinder, and that's how they got together. (But, not after first confusing it with Grindr, which is hilarious.) Durrani was quick to correct him, seeing as she'd already given a different backstory to the audience in one of her talking head interviews. They met at a gas station one night, Durrani maintains. The Beverly Hills gas station off Wilshire, to be perfectly clear. Not that it's impossible to actually meet another human being in person these days, but the preponderance of online dating apps make it feel less likely. I'm just saying: The audience didn't see the alleged gas station meet-cute. It's possible that Shalom told the other ladies the truth and made it sound like a joke, just to tease Durrani.

Durrani has stories about rebelling against her parents, like the one about the short shorts she'd hide under her uniform at Farsi school. But, I get the feeling that she's a bit of an old-school romantic, and admitting to meeting a guy on Tinder might be embarrassing for her. Not that there's anything inherently embarrassing about it; life is busy and so are people. And, it's not like she meets a lot of eligible single dudes at the store. On the other hand, if one was to concoct a Tinder cover-up story, why would one choose a gas station of all places as a locale. What about a bar? The grocery store? On the street? Somewhere with less $.99 bags of chips and a little more sex appeal?

The real question is: If the gas station meet-up story is true, what was Durrani driving at the time? It certainly wasn't a violently pink, obscenely expensive birthday gift from a early-stages boyfriend. And, she surely didn't walk into that gas station to troll for guys. Was he planning that gift from the moment he laid eyes on her and her previous ride? I'm always on the look-out for symbolism, and so far, Durrani and Shalom have sort of a car-themed relationship going on. And I can't wait to see how he tries to top this gift on her next birthday.

Image: Dale Berman/E! Entertainment