6 'Finding Carter' Questions Season 2B Needs To Answer, Because Carter Isn't The Only One Who Deserves The Truth

If you think your family tree is complicated, that's nothing compared to what the Wilson family will be going through once the Finding Carter Season 2b premiere kicks off and sends our drama senses into overdrive. (In the best way possible, of course.) After months and months of waiting, we'll finally get to see the fallout from the summer finale's shocking cliffhanger, which revealed that Ben (the super attractive guy Carter just met inside the courtroom) is actually the biological son of Lori Stevens and David Wilson. That's right, folks — Carter has yet another sibling that she never knew existed. (Seriously, how many genetic secrets can one family have?) And since we know absolutely nothing about him, this leaves us with a few burning questions that Finding Carter Season 2b needs to answer ASAP.

It's hard to imagine exactly what Carter is probably going through right now (unless you also have an extremely complex family dynamic), but now that Ben is in the picture, that opens up a whole new onslaught of unresolved issues that I, for one, can't wait to dive into. But before the second half of an already amazing season kicks off, here's a round-up of some of the biggest unanswered questions that need to be addressed, not just for Carter's sanity, but for ours as well.

Why Didn't Lori Keep Ben?

For someone who wanted a child so badly, you'd think Ben would've been the answer to Lori's prayers. But instead of keeping Ben for herself, she decided to put him up for adoption and kidnap Carter? It just doesn't make any sense. I need to know the method behind all of this madness.

Did David Know About Ben?

By now, we know that David is more than capable of keeping secrets. (Remember that whole book thing?) But would he really have been able to keep the existence of another child from his family or did Lori never inform him that she was pregnant? Was he the one who convinced her to not keep the baby? Was her resentment over that what prompted her to kidnap Carter in the first place? Tell me how far back this domino effect goes!

How Much Does Ben Know About His True Parentage?

Was he aware that Lori was his mother? How much contact did they have throughout the years, and if it was a lot, then how did Carter not know about it? For all we know, he may have been just as in the dark as she was.

How Will This Effect David & Elizabeth's Marriage?

Knowing that your husband cheated on you with your daughter's kidnapper is one thing. (One very big thing, mind you.) However, finding out that he impregnated her with a mystery child is something else entirely. Will Elizabeth be able to get over yet another hurtle in her marriage or will this put a divorce back on the table?

Will Max & Taylor's Happiness Last?

They seem to be doing much better now, in light of the whole Max-sleeping-with-Carter thing. But given that Carter will always be a big part of Max's life, it's hard to say whether or not Taylor will end up growing resentful of their close relationship and inevitably give Max an ultimatum: her or Carter. Let's just hope that it never reaches that point and that the two of them live happily ever after baking croutons together.

What's Next For Bird & Gabe?

Both of these characters have had a rough year, between Bird's legal issues with her parents and the death of Gabe's father, these two could really use a win in the upcoming season. Maybe their shared sorrows could even end up bringing them together? I'm certainly not opposed to the idea.

But regardless of where this season takes us, I'm just glad that Finding Carter is back to dominating my Tuesday nights. Please, never leave me again.

Images: MTV (6); findingcarternews/Tumblr