11 Classy 'Harry Potter' Tattoos To Get With Your BFF So The Muggles Don't Get You Down

The literal only problem I could see with getting a Harry Potter tattoo is deciding what the hell on earth to get. The series is so vast and my feels so wide that I'm not even sure if my body is a large enough canvas to fully fathom my fangirling. From Harry Potter quote tattoos to micro Harry Potter tattoos to straight up Harry Potter couples tattoos (is it too late to trick Oliver Wood into marrying me?), it's enough to make any Muggle's head spin. But that struggle, my friends, is exactly why you need to enlist your best friend to get a matching Harry Potter tattoo with you: if you can't decide which of the zillion ideas you want to immortalize in ink, surely the two of you can come up with a winning one together.

The good news is that no matter what you choose, you can't go wrong. You'll still be the two raddest humans on the block, and I can attest to that, because the two Bustle editors on staff with Harry Potter tattoos are the coolest cats I know. (Well, aside from Professor McGonagall, of course.) If the two of you need any inspiration, look no further than these classy Harry Potter tattoos to get with your BFF:

1. Infinity Potterheads

Just like your friendship, your love for this series will never die.

2. Modern Day Marauders


3. The Deathly Hallows

Because the two of you are only complete when you are together <3.

4. Subtle Stars

So only the true Potterheads know what's what.

5. Matching Wands

The wand chooses the wizard once, but BFFs choose each other every day.

6. For When Your BFF Is Your SO

So you're basically in every kind of love, you adorable NERDS.

7. The Unbreakable Vow

Putting the FOREVER in BFF.

8. Classic Minimalist Harry Potter

Your way of telling your BFF, "I'll always be ear for you."

9. Lightning Bolts

Cuz you light up each other's lives.

10. Dark Marks

For the Bonnie and Clyde besties.

11. Hidden Hallows

BRB, buying a million shirts with slits down the front and copying this.

Well there you have it, folks! Plenty of Potter inspo for you and your nerd-tastic bestie. Hopefully I've made the decision of what awesome thing to pick at least .1 percent less difficult than it is bound to be.

Images: Emma Lord; Instagram