Kim Kardashian Is A Fan Of Skirts With Boots

by Augusta Statz

Now that she has a firm grasp of her own personal style, she has made it her mission to help style the rest of us. Kim Kardashian promotes wearing boots with skirts during the fall, and if she’s for it, then so am I. It can be a tricky combination to master, but Kardashian has taken to her website to show us Normals how we can achieve the look her way — and on a more affordable budget, no less.

While she recently credited Kanye with helping her refine her style in an interview with CNN, we all know that Kim K has a serious style point of view that's worthy copying. The way she dresses is sleek and sexy and shows how confident she is — why wouldn't you want to recreate that? Pairing boots with skirts is just another way that you can achieve her sultry way of dressing in your every day live. If you do it right, you can show off your legs and stay warm, all at the same time. I know what I’ll be wearing basically everyday this fall season.

Get inspired by Kardashian’s look and then check out the best ways you can wear skirts with boots.

I mean, she has a point.

From combining mini-skirts and thigh-highs to rocking a leather and lace combo, here are six super fashionable ways to pull off your very best Kim K.

1. Mini-Skirt + Thigh-High

Mini Skirt In Color Block, $50.16, ASOS

Perouze Thigh High Boot, $245, Nasty Gal

Show just a little skin, but still be appropriately dressed for the season.

2. Bodycon + Lace-Up

Striped Pencil Skirt, $14.90, Forever 21+

Report Poe Lace-Up Ankle Boot, $120, Nasty Gal

Classic with just a little bit of sass, you can't go wrong with a look like this.

3. Lace + Leather

Navy London Maxi Skirt In Embroidered Lace, $87.78, ASOS

Black Patent Pointed Heeled Boots, $197.07, ASOS

OK, how chic is this combo?

4. Knit + Ankle Boots

Heathered Knit Skirt, $12.90, Forever 21+

Elastic Ankle Boot, $69, Urban Outfitters

Throw on a pair of thick socks with this, and you've got the ultimate comfy, cozy, stylish ensemble.

5. Suede + Suede

Pencil Skirt In Suede, $134.36, ASOS Curve

Thelma Suede Boot, $98, Urban Outfitters

You can't go wrong with some suede on suede action.

6. Corduroy + Platform

Button-Front Corduroy Mini Skirt, $54, Urban Outfitters

Faux Leather Platform Booties, $27.90, Forever 21

Why not go full-on '70s with your fall look?

I think Kardashian would approve of these combinations. So, let the skirt and boot wearing begin!

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