14 Gifts For The Starbucks Lover In Your Life

Loving Starbucks isn’t a passion so much as a lifestyle. During the fall in particular, all of the best things are pumpkin spice and everything nice, which means all roads lead to Starbucks. Suddenly, the Starbucks super fans jump out of the wood work to fawn over, Instagram, and enjoy their new toasted graham lattes and, of course, their old favorites. If you have a long list of Starbucks lovers in your life, now’s the time to hop on Etsy and find a little treat for them. Whether they have a birthday coming up, have just started school, or they just need a pick-me-up, these precious Etsy gifts are the perfect place to start.

Also, as much as I hate to say it (seeing as it’s only October), the holidays aren’t far off. And if you want to save money before the prices on cute gifts skyrocket, it’s not a terrible idea to start brainstorming gifts, regardless of what you celebrate. Whether you need stocking stuffers, a gift for the fourth night of Hanukkah, or some adorable trinkets to celebrate the season with, the love for Starbucks, and coffee, runs deep. Here are a few trinkets to impress the Starbucks fan in your life:

1. Starbucks Portable Charger

$18, Etsy

Functional, check. Vibrantly colored, check.

2. Personalized Pup And Caffeine Mug

$15.95, Etsy

What else could anyone possibly want to stare at during their workday?

3. Starbucks Frappucino Earrings

$9.99, Etsy

I'm sorry but this would be the most darling little present in the world.

5. Starbucks Ribbon

$1.10, Etsy

For all your holiday wrapping/hair styling needs.

6. Starbucks Frappuncino Candle

$16, Etsy

I almost wish I hadn't seen this because I don't want to buy it for anyone but myself. (Also, friendly hint: if you buy this, you should wrap it in the Starbucks ribbon.)

7. Starbucks Frappucino Key Chain

$4, Etsy

Practical if you're trying to get a bunch of friends a cute, but inexpensive matching gift.

8. Starbucks Case

$15, Etsy

This is for the truly obsessed, and for all the iPhone users who are down to walk into their favorite coffee chains with this baby. THAT'S commitment.

9. Personalized Starbucks Tumbler

$16, Etsy

You can personalize your to go mug or tumbler so that it says, for example, Maya's Coffee, instead of Starbucks coffee. (Personally, I would definitely be a fan of a coffee chain called Maya's Coffee.)

10. Iced Coffee Candle

$9.99, Etsy

This candle is what the phrase "YASSSS" was invented for.

11. Starbucks Crop Top

$14.99, Etsy

Sure, it's basic... ally the CUTEST THING EVER.

12. Seahawks Shirt

$23.00, Etsy

If you're a Starbucks fan in Seattle, you're a fan of the only team that really matters there.

13. Starbucks Bracelet

$9.00, Etsy

This could also work as a matching gift to give to a few friends.

14. Starbucks Personalized Mug

$35.99, Etsy

The elite. The big kahuna. I mean, it has a wooden spoon, how could you go wrong?

Images: Etsy