All Of Selena Gomez's Stylish Parisian Adventures

There’s no time like fashion month to experiment with your style, and this singer has done just that. Selena Gomez attended Paris Fashion Week, and looked so stylish the entire time. If being in Paris doesn’t majorly bring out your fashionable sensibility, nothing ever will. From wearing pajamas in public to channeling her inner Jennifer Aniston, fashion month has done wonders for Gomez in terms of style.

She started fashion month by completely owning NYFW. She had the most liked photo on Instagram for the entirety of the week, so that definitely counts as winning in my book, considering how many people documented the event on social media. Then, she took her fashionable self to London, where she wore a classic Jennifer Aniston skinny scarf and slip dress combo, which was an excellent move. And last but not least, she’s found herself in Paris, where she’s rocked pajamas, flowing white dresses and more. It’s been a great time for her to explore her style as well as get creative on the music front. She did just release a new song and announce her world tour, after all. She’s definitely been living la vie en rose in Paris!

Gomez has been living her best life while in Paris, that's for sure. Scroll through these pictures from her stylish Parisian adventures.

1. Arriving In Paris

She's got the whole Parisian chic thing down.

2. Coffee Time

Even the simple things are more fabulous in Paris.

3. So Luxe

How gorgeous is this satin dress?

4. Pajama Chic

Anything goes in the most fashionable city.

5. Casual

Even her more casual looks have been on point.

6. Fashionable Freedom

Don't you wish you could just get lost in this city?

This trip has done Gomez good, and I can't wait to see her stylish moments continue stateside.

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