The Latest Doc Martens Are Super Artsy

There are certain types of shoes that belong in a museum, whether it's Christian Louboutin's red-soled pumps or Alexander McQueen's armadillo platform heels. Throughout history, art and shoes have gone hand in hand (or feet in feet), but Dr. Martens' Hogarth collection truly takes this relationship to the next level. The iconic footwear and clothing company collaborated with the Soane Museum in London for an exquisite capsule line based on William Hogarth's most famous work "A Rake's Progress."

Produced between 1732 and 1733, "A Rake's Progress" depicts the life of Tom Rakewell, a deceased merchant's son who spends all his fortunes on alcohol, gambling, and sex. It's a moral tale that shows one man's rise and fall told through a series of eight canvas paintings that is widely considered a precursor to the modern storyboard. Dr. Marten's new collection uses images from the series such as the wild orgy (from the third painting) and Rakewell's arrest (from the fourth). The Hogarth collection includes three of the company's most popular items: the iconic eight-hole boot, the three-hole shoe, and leather satchel.

The Hogarth Collection is priced between $130 and $224, and are available for purchase at These new line of Docs are the latest in a long history of styles and collaborations from the British company, which released a capsule collection inspired by the animated series Adventure Time earlier this year.

Check out Dr. Martens' Hogarth collection inspired by "A Rake's Progress" below:

Hogarth Pascal Boot, $150

Hogarth 1461 Shoe, $130

Hogarth 11" Leather Satchel, $224

Most recently, Dr. Martens collaborated with the following artists and designers in reproducing its iconic footwear.

Mark Wigan

The U.K.-based illustrator customized boots and shoes at various Dr. Martens stores.

Pyer Moss

New York artist Gregory Siff etched phrases like "I can't breathe" in blood-splattered boots, which were used in Pyer Moss' controversial NYFW show last September.

Adventure Time

The fun Dr. Martens x Adventure Time collection was released last March.

Images: Dr. Martens (4)