How To Dress Like Rory Gilmore For Halloween

Though Lorelai might receive most of the sartorial glory on Gilmore Girls, rocking classic '00s trends like bucket hats and Juicy Couture sweatpants with aplomb made Rory Gilmore's style one to remember. There are few better ways to pay homage to the show and Stars Hollow's most lovable and stylish bookworm than by dressing up in a Rory Gilmore Halloween costume this Oct. 31.

For the first three seasons of the show (when times in Stars Hollow were simple and the hardest decision she had to make was between Dean and Jess), Rory mostly walked around in her school uniform. It's actually hard for me to imagine her without her navy blazer and matching kilt. Even though she hung up the threads after she graduated from Chilton Preparatory School — as her class's valedictorian, of course — she still couldn't let them go.

Rory brought her uniform with her to Yale, and it was a reminder of where the whole story started. (In the first episode of Gilmore Girls, Rory's decision to go to Chilton and don that navy and white uniform is what kicks off the entire series. Weekly dinners with Emily and Richard never would have happened if Lorelai didn't have to ask them for the money for Rory's tuition.)

That's why Rory's Chilton uniform is a perfect Halloween costume for anyone who also dreamed of following in Rory's footsteps, or is just a huge fan of Gilmore Girls.

Nailed it. Here's how you can ace your Rory Gilmore costume for Halloween, too.

The Blazer

Women's Polar Fleece Blazer in Celestial Blue With Warm Gray, $69, Lands End

Women's Plus Size Tailored Blazer, $40, Target

Popcorn Knit Cardigan in Navy, $16, Forever 21

Your Fireside Of The Story Cardigan In Navy, $45, Mod Cloth

Rory rolled up to Chilton in her brand new navy blazer with gold buttons ready to take notes and conquer. Though the blazer is the signature piece, Rory would later swap it out for a cardigan or even a sweater vest on more casual days. Though a blazer is the most traditionally preppy item, any navy sweater you have on hand will work for this costume.

The finishing touch on your Chilton blazer or sweater is a seal, of course.

I found this embroidered patch at a thrift store and attached it to my sweater vest with a safety pin. Though I doubt Chilton's motto was "No Sweat," it gets the point across. There are many similar options available on Etsy or Amazon, if you do a bit of searching.

Vintage Patch Trail Blazer Crest, $24, Etsy

The Collared Shirt

Stretch Shirt in Light Blue/Checked, $10, H&M

Ladies Solid Stretch Shirt Button Down, $12, Deal Rack

A collared shirt is a staple of any prep school uniform, and Rory's was no exception. A light blue button-up is closest to what Rory actually wore, but a white Oxford or even a polo shirt will also do in a pinch. Just make sure it has a collar.

The Skirt

Sweet And Tartan Skirt In Ivory, $50, Mod Cloth

A pleated plaid skirt is a must for any schoolgirl uniform, and Rory rocked one in Chilton's colors of navy and white. If you're really on a budget, check out your local thrift store. There are usually pleated plaid skirts floating around.

The Shoes And Socks

Bass Enfield in White/Black Leather, $89, Zappos

Wolford Velvet De Luxe 50 Knee-Highs in Admiral, $30, Zappos

It sometimes felt like Stars Hollow was stuck in a weird time warp, with its quirky traditions like the all-night dance marathon where everyone actually dressed up like they were from the past. Rory's saddle shoes, another important part of her uniform, fit right into that retro-inspired reality. Sometimes Rory wore navy tights with her uniform, especially in autumn or winter, but more often than not she was rocking navy knee-high socks.

The Finishing Touches

Scünci Bendable Headband, $1, Ulta

Though Rory always seemed too worried about studying and succeeding at school to care much about her hair or makeup, her brown locks were always somehow frizz-free and perfectly coiffed, albeit lightly styled. In high school, she usually kept her long brown hair down with a middle part, but she sometimes pulled it back with a headband. Her makeup was minimal, so don't worry about trying to execute the perfect cat-eye.

To make it abundantly clear who you're trying to channel, grab a huge stack of books before you head out the door. It is Rory, after all, and she'd never be caught without something to read. You can also bring along a backpack if you're really committed to the look, but between the books and the uniform, it shouldn't be necessary.

Remember to bring along some snappy comebacks too, because Rory's wit and intelligence are why we all fell in love with her in the first place.

Images: Maxine Builder; The WB; Courtesy Brands