Buy Khloe Kardashian's Modern Choker For Less

The Kardashians are trend setters, there's no denying it. Adding to her long list of fabulous accessories, Khloe Kardashian wore a gold chocker that's giving off some major retro-meets-moderns vibes. Normally the Kardashian-Jenners rock trends that I would never in a million years think of wearing (I'm looking at your sheer Givenchy look, Kim K), but this accessory is totally shop-able. In fact, you can find it for $25 or less.

The reality star showed off her blonde locks and long lashes in her latest Instagram post, but I couldn't help noticing her flashy accessories instead. She paired her all black outfit with some stand-out jewelry that had me reminiscing about the good ole days (aka, the '90s) while still staying in the present. The gold chocker and large hoop earrings looked so modern that I almost forgot why the pair ever went out of style in the first place.

It's no secret that the choker necklace is back — Kendall Jenner even wore the throw-back accessory with a high fashion look — but what makes Kardashian's look so fabulous is how it's styled. With high class shine and thickness to the necklace, this trend got a modern makeover that will keep it alive for yet another decade.

Although Kardashian's necklace is probably made out of real gold and cost more than a semester in college, there are still ways for fashion lovers on a budget to get the look, whether you're looking to copy the exact look or add some of your own personality. Here are all the affordable ways to give off your own '90s meets modern vibe with a choker.

1. Keep It Thick

This is a copy-cat of Kardashian's look, but won't set you back when it comes to budget.

(Crotonea Gold Metal Choker, ALDO, $14)

2. Wrap-Around Chic

This one is a bit thinner but it has the perfect amount of shine to make for a glam accessory.

(Slinky Wrap Choker, Urban Outfitters, $20)

3. Added Shine

If you're looking to add a little more personality, this is the choker for you.

(Women's Choker Necklace, Target, $14.99)

4. Simple And Sleek

This one's for all my minimalist fashionistas out there.

(Gold Collar Choker Necklace, Icing, $5)

5. Thin Statement-Maker

Not willing to commit to a bold look like Kardashian? No worries.

(Metal Choker Necklace, Urban Oufitters, $24)

6. Collar-Hugging

Although it's not quite a choker, it's guaranteed to make a statement.

(Gold-Tone Collar Necklace, Guess, $11.99)

7. Layered Look

Take it a step further with a little extra layering.

(Layered Curb Collar Necklace, Forever21, $6.90)

Finally there's a Kardashian look that you can wear everyday!

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Images: Courtesy Brands