Alessandra Ambrosio Gets A Balmain Good Luck Kiss

Fashion week brings all the best models, fashionistas, and creative minds together. When you get that many stylish people in one place, you can really feel the love, and if you're lucky you can even see it. Alessandra Ambrosio got a good luck kiss before Balmain from the brand's creative director himself. How adorable!

The model is no stranger to Paris Fashion Week. With a signature runway walk and looks to kill, Ambrosio's modeling skills don't require luck, but if Olivier Rousting is willing to give you some, you take it. She posted a backstage video of their friendly peck to her Instagram account, allowing her followers to get a little behind-the-scenes look at what happened before the show.

She seemed surprisingly calm for being minutes away from hitting the fashion week runway, but having Rousting telling you that you look great probably helps. It’s nice to see models having some fun before they have to keep it serious on the catwalk.

Ambrosio looked stunning despite her mentioning that she couldn't move in the tight mini dress, and it was clear how excited she was about the show. Rousting was dressed for utility, naturally, but his high cheek bones and armful of bracelets had him looking absolutely flawless.

Ambrosio also blew a kiss to the crowd as she rounded the corner on the Balmain runway. It's not often that you see a model show let loose, so this was a nice surprise.

She kept the love alive off stage as well! Ambrosio has looked absolutely stunning throughout all of Paris Fashion Week, on and off the runway. From busting some moves at the Balmain after party to looking chic around the streets, the model certainly looked like she had the time of her life.

1. Runway Strut


That color could not look any more fabulous on the star.

2. Balmain Beauty

Wearing a white dress with matching coat, she looked just as fierce walking into the Balmain after party as she did on the runway.

She wasn't afraid to do a little dancing in the designer look either.

3. Head To Toe Black

Ambrosio took a late afternoon stroll around The Louvre wearing all black.

I can't wait to see what else she'll wear this fall.

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