Cat Makeup Tutorials To Up Your Halloween Game

by Teresa Newsome

You can't go wrong with a cat costume. Whether you have five minutes to throw something together or days to craft the most perfect costume masterpiece ever constructed, these Halloween cat makeup tutorials from basic to advanced have you covered. Sexy cat eyes happen in many of these tutorials, if that's your thing, but if you think the idea of sexualizing both women and pets is a little weird, there are realistic tutorials and meme cat tutorials here as well. Something for everyone, really.

I chose tutorials that use only makeup from popular brands and drugstores. No special effects makeup or special skills needed, for the most part. I mean, you will have to be a master of winged eyeliner, but these teachers will make you pros. If the tutorials call for expensive makeup, you can substitute cheaper brands in similar colors (you frugal goddess). Likewise, if the tutorial uses drugstore brands and your kitty face requires only the best (get it, girl) then you can use any comparable dupe.

Most of the looks can be finished off with a simple set of ears and a black dress. If you're looking to be more creative, some of the tutorials include tips on tails, bow ties and other cat-themed accessories. Meow.

1. The Contoured Kitty

This video covers everything from contouring to hair teasing, but you could easily skip the more advanced stuff and get right to the basic black cat features.

2. The Contact Cat Eye

This tutorial features a dramatic red and black lip and full-on cat eye realness, but what sets it apart are the cat's eye contacts and cheetah print lashes.

3. The Cheshire Cat

This creepy Tim Burton-inspired Chesire Cat look requires some time and patience, but none of the techniques are complicated and the payoff is huge. Bonus if you've always wanted to try out blue hair.

4. The 5-Minute Feline

This is the perfect tutorial if all you have is black eyeliner and a few minutes to spare. Skip the primer and non-cat makeup stuff and you'll be out the door in two shakes of a cat's tail. (See what I did there...)

5. The Jungle Cat

This cat look relies on a more traditional, albeit heavy handed, makeup look with some cat accents. The leopard spots on the side of her face are everything. Plus, she gets great results with really, really cheap makeup. Bonus.

6. The Advanced, Realistic Cat

Aside from the glue and whiskers, this realistic cat transformation uses just drugstore make-up. Plan on at least two hours to knock out this baby.

7. The Grumpy Cat

If you love makeup, memes and cats, this is basically the perfect Halloween makeup tutorial for you. You will look impressively unimpressed.