Ilana & Abbi's Best 'Broad City' Panel Quotes

I love Broad City. I first discovered it on a night when my date stood me up, so I instead spent the night eating chips in the bath and finally watching this show my BFF kept raving about. Let me just say, it was way better than the date could have been. So, when I got the opportunity to see Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson speak at a panel on Oct. 2 at The New Yorker Festival, I was thrilled, but I was also nervous. What if the women behind the Comedy Central show were not as cool IRL as I'd imagined them in my head? Well, I was not disappointed. Glazer and Jacobson were thoughtful, intelligent, witty, and downright hilarious. While being interviewed by The New Yorker television critic Emily Nussbaum, the pair of women charmed the audience with funny voices, hilarious re-enactments, and general awesomeness.

I wish every Broad City fan could have attended because it was great to see that the ladies behind this genius, provocative, smart, funny show are just as cool as you'd think they are, and then some. And, while I can't go back in time and bring you all with me, I can bring some of the night's funniest moments to you via Glazer and Jacobson's best quotes from the panel. Enjoy!

1. "How Are My Legs Set Up? Is That Working? 'Cause I'm Like In My Head About It." — Jacobson On Trying To Sit Like A Lady In A Dress

Even famous people worry about whether they're sitting right in public.

2. "Don't Carry Weed In Your Vagina Or Black Out." — Glazer On Making Good Choices

Seems legit.

3. "No Sales Today! No Deals! We're In The Paper!" — Jacobson On Telling Her Old Workplace That Her And Glazer's Web Series Had Started To Make It Big

How can anyone be expected to work when such awesomeness is happening??

4. "The Smallest Thing In New York Takes For-F*cking-Ever." — Glazer On Running Errands

Um, try: "What is my whole life?"

5. "It's Now On CBS And An Hour Long." — Jacobson Joking About How Dramatic Season 3 Is Going To Be

I'd still watch.

6. "She's Such A Muppet." — Jacobson Describing Glazer

An adorable Muppet.

7. "Abbi Uses Me As A Shield When We Meet Famous People." — Glazer On The Hazards Of Her Job

It's scary to meet your idols!

8. "If You're Gonna Be Me, You Gotta Wear A Dildo." — Jacobson Giving Halloween Costume Advice

Season 3 can't come soon enough!

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