Kylie Jenner Can Make A T-Shirt Look So Cool

When it comes to style, this girl knows how to refine a look with ease. Kylie Jenner wore a white t-shirt and jean shorts, elevating the outfit to a whole new level just by adding a bag, and it's not the first time she's completely transformed a casual look. The reality star wears a variety of different looks, but one thing always remains the same — her accessories are constantly on point.

If a normal girl wore a tee and shorts, it would be pretty ordinary. When Jenner wears a tee and shorts, it's high fashion. Sporting jet-black hair and a casual outfit, the star proved that she has mastered shabby-chic. It looks like the key to turning an outfit on its head is to pair it with very stylish accessories, even if you think that they don't go well together.

Never in a million years would I wear off-white pointed-toe booties with jean cut off shorts and a bright white shirt, but maybe that's why I'm not as famous as Jenner. Shabby-chic is a tricky trend, but her leather drawstring backpack and matching boots somehow come together to make it look like she stepped straight off the runway. Add some reflective aviators and you've got one fabulous look that no one else would ever think of wearing.

This isn't the first time that Jenner has made a t-shirt look flawless. She's got a knack for making the unwearable into something fabulous and always sticks to her personal style. Shabby-chic is as easy as adding the right accessories, and the reality star proves it.

1. Athleisure Chic

All the had to do was add a designer backpack and the look went from sporty to stylish.

2. Early-Morning Moments

A cropped tee takes PJs to a new level.

3. Head To Toe Black

Her perfectly tied up tee was transformed with a pair of thigh-high boots.

4. All White Wonder

Add the right boots and a little gold to an all-white outfit and suddenly it's super trendy.

5. Flying High

Her perfectly straight and colorful hair adds interest to a black and white airplane outfit.

6. Comfy Celebrating

The grey t-shirt and distressed jeans keep it comfy, but her makeup is so on fleek.

7. Classic Graphic Tee

I don't know why, but wearing a designer's name on a graphic tee instantly takes it to another level.

8. Oversized Shirt

Jenner seems to be channeling her inner Lorde with this look, but, again, a few accessories go a long way.

9. Everything Adidas

She makes this sweatsuit look high fashion just by adding a watch and the right bag.

All hail Jenner, queen of accessorizing.