Abigail Is A Yacht On 'Fear The Walking Dead,' So Season 2 Will Be Setting Sail

Usually, it takes a cliffhanger for me to be excited for the next season of a television show, but that was not the case on Fear The Walking Dead. The characters made a choice that will set the AMC spinoff apart from its predecessor in a dramatic way. It appears that Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead will take place on Abigail the yacht. This "lady" was referenced a few times by Strand, but we only caught sight of her in the final scenes. Everyone whose zombie apocalypse plan involves taking to the high seas is thrilled, I'm sure. Many fans, myself included, assumed that once our heroes finally got on the road, they would head for the desert and mountains of California. I could not be more thrilled that they chose the water instead.

In the finale, the three families finally reunited and made it out of their army occupation after Daniel unleashed the horde from the arena, effectively bringing chaos to Los Angeles. After that, everything started happening faster than all five preceding episodes combined. Nick's new friend Strand graciously took everyone to his beach house, and then pointed to the yacht named Abigail. I'm still not sure whether or not Strand can be trusted. He's rich and eccentric in a way that could either be great or deadly in this universe. Luckily, I have faith that his trust in Nick will keep everyone safe for a while. Pacific Ocean, here we come.

What does this mean for Season 2? As The Talking Dead teased, let's pray that walkers can't swim. Abigail is a big yacht, but I'm sure they aren't going to stay on the boat forever. They'll have to make supply runs. They could end up in Washington or South America. Instead of being tested by open spaces and the constant threat of walkers, these characters will be confined. I, for one, can't wait for all of the Noah's Ark references that the show will make. They could even run into other boating communities. Finally, is anyone else thinking pirates? There are definitely going to be some pirates.

This opens up so many possibilities for Fear The Walking Dead in Season 2.

Image: AMC (screengrab)