Will Alicia Work For Louis Canning On 'The Good Wife'? Season 7 Could Bring A Deal With The Devil

Louis Canning is nothing if not persistent. The sneaky lawyer and series standout played by the one and only Michael J. Fox, was back in The Good Wife Season 7 premiere, "Bond," to court Alicia Florrick, asking her once again to join his firm. Canning has been after Alicia for at least a few seasons, and his tactics have ranged from attacking her in court to stalking. Now, with Alicia disgraced politically and professionally, he's resorted to the later — having a car pick her up to take her to lunch and sending a case against Lockhart/Agos her way. But is there any chance it could work this time? Will Alicia join Canning's firm?

After the events of Season 6, Alicia is clearly at a crossroads. As she told Canning during their first meeting this season, she's truly independent, both professionally and personally, for the first time in her life. She's also, however, struggling to get cases and make money. Nobody will give her a job after her campaign scandal, and she has resorted to appearing in bond court to get cases, only to find herself once again playing out of her league. Though Alicia made a show of rejecting any offers to work for Canning, calling him "the devil," she also ended the episode telling him not to quit on her just yet.

I'm actually hoping that this season finds her making that "deal with the devil." I love Louis Canning and his relationship with Alicia. As any Good Wife fan knows, the courthouse drama is only as good as its guest stars — most of whom are, admittedly, fantastic. And Fox is one of the best. Watching him go head to head with Julianna Margulies is always entertaining, so a Canning-Florrick partnership could only mean one thing: good television. But, with Alicia on a campaign to redeem herself in the eyes of the public after her failed election for State's Attorney, she might not need to settle for a job with Canning. Only time will tell.

Image: CBS