Does Sawyer Fredericks Have New Music? 'The Voice' Season 8 Winner Has Been Working On A Lot Of Things

The Voice Season 9 continues its search for a new singing star, but we can't forget the winners who came in the seasons before. Season 8 Voice winner Sawyer Fredericks has spent the summer performing all over the place. But does Sawyer Fredericks have new music? Next month, he'll have an original song featured on the soundtrack of The Magic Strings of Frankie Pesto, a new novel by Mitch Albom ( author of Tuesdays With Morrie). But, that won't be all. According to his social media accounts, the 16-year-old singer has been back to Los Angeles several times to record music at Revolver Recording Studio with several different band members and co-writers, so it sounds like new music from the teen is on its way.

Last month, Fredericks posted a video on Instagram featuring part of a new song he has recorded and it sounds like his new music will definitely showcase his powerful voice. There is no news about an upcoming album quite yet, but it's exciting to know that he's hard at work making some new tunes. We all know Fredericks' awesome pipes will make it onto the eventual release, but an album from the singer would also include so many other great things, too. Here's what Fredericks would likely include in his new music.

1. His Passion

Fredericks is such a passionate singer and I'm sure he'll bring a lot of that passion to every single new song he puts out.

2. Emotional Songs

Fredericks' powerful voice is so good for songs with that emotional oomph. Here's hoping he continues that trend into his upcoming tunes.

3. An Upbeat Song

A lot of Fredericks' songs are bluesy and intense. I kinda hope he has a few happy songs on his album, you know, just to balance out the emotions. And, I know he can do it — he totally rocked out to the upbeat "Take Me To The River" (above) on The Voice last season.

4. A Collaboration With Pharrell

When Fredericks won The Voice last season, Pharrell Williams was his coach and their "Summer Breeze" duet totally killed (above). Since then, Williams has said he's been in the studio with Fredericks and I can't wait to hear what they've been working on.

5. Music Videos Featuring Him Wearing That Hat

Look at photos of Fredericks and you'll notice he's always wearing some kind of hat. Whatever new songs he's got, I hope he keeps the hat tradition alive and wears them in his future music videos.

6. Keeping It Simple With His Guitar

As his Blind Audition proved, Sawyer has so much talent that he stands out even when it's just him and his guitar. So I hope his new music includes some more of that, too — just Fredericks and his guitar, doing his thing.

But, whatever his new music includes, I know that I can't wait to hear it!