These Inspiring Band-Aid Tattoos Will Solve Monday

The search for something inspirational for those pesky Monday mornings has come to an end in the form of motivational temporary band-aid tattoos. Yes, that’s right. Now you too can temporarily inspire yourself by looking down at a cute little design on your wrist or ankle or any random body part you choose. It was like the internet gods heard my prayers. If you are feeling like you need a little inspo in your life, my ultimate suggestion would be to buy a box and pair the tattoos with this list of inspiring mantras or maybe even some fancy smelling candles. So far, this recipe has been effective at lifting my Monday blues. And let’s face it, all of us at some point will get them.

According to the product’s Etsy page, these little temporary messages are printed on 100 percent recyclable craft paper. They ship from the UK which makes them a perfect gift for any of your wanderlustful friends. Coming in at under $10, they are an affordable gift that can make a stocking stuffer, gift basket or just an ordinary day a perfect day. Just look at these little guys and try not to smile from how much you've been motivated:

OOOOO, Pretty Colors!

I'm digging the rainbow colored ones so much. I have to keep checking my wrist that says breathe!

Below is a list I've compiled, of not-so-temporary tattoos that you might also find inspiring and motivational:

Harry Potter Tattoos

This list is all about our favorite boy wizard. These cute tattoos will remind you of your childhood and help you bond with anyone that grew up with these books.

Family Tattoos

You can get the actual word for family tattooed on yourself, or choose from the others on this list. Family always seems to cheer me up.

Literary Tattoos

If Harry Potter wasn't your all-time favorite book series, than why not choose a tattoo from one of these other amazing books. I personally dig the Great Gatsby one...

Images: Courtesy of Motivational Tattoos